How to Make Easy Lego Party Bags

make your own lego party bags

When my son recently asked me for a Lego party for his upcoming birthday, I was happy to go ahead with his theme but worried about it becoming quite expensive! As well as trying to keep everything on a budget I also like to add some home made touches when planning a party as long as they're simple, look good and don't take up too much of my … [Read more...]

Some Funnies!

mummy fail banana

Just in case you needed something to brighten up your day! Enjoy!   Because we've all had our sleep deprived, absent minded mummy moments... And when it's Mum vs Dad, we know who knows best... And you can always check your 'Fun Speed'... And this picture always makes me smile... Click to see more fun … [Read more...]

Tuna Steak with Creamy Home Made Peppercorn and Chilli Sauce

Tuna Steak in Pepper Sauce

One of the hardest things I find as a busy mum is deciding what to cook for dinner! My husband and I do share the cooking so it's not all on me, but his chef duties usually take place at the weekend and generally involve a massive kitchen clean up operation afterwards!...If you're reading...sorry my love...but it's true! After a long day the … [Read more...]

In the Shops – This week’s favourites! (September 17th 2014)

Blue Handbag TopShop

This is a new feature to the blog, my favourite items in the shops! Each week I'm aiming to show you my favourite products from the High Street and beyond and hope to give you some shopping inspiration as well as some great bargains! This week's top picks are from the High Street and I hope you like my choices...   1. I loved this … [Read more...]

Travel – Lido di Jesolo, Venice, Italy

Gondolas in Venice

This summer I experienced a 'first'! I went on my first package holiday! :) I have done quite a bit of travelling before, I used to work as cabin crew and I lived abroad when I was younger, but when planning a holiday I have always just booked flights and accommodation separately because it gave me more choice and flexibility. However now we … [Read more...]

Win a copy of ‘Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond’ by Erika Gradenwitz-Koehler – Ends 30th September

Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond by Erika Gradenwitz-Koehler

Ends midnight 30th September 2014   More Than Mummies are delighted to give away a copy of Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond: A Spiritual and Practical Guide by Erika Gradenwitz-Koehler   To enter simply complete the form below.  Full terms and conditions 1. The competition is open to all our readers, UK and … [Read more...]



Parkin was always a real favourite when I was little. My mum always used to make it in the Autumn and I have many fond memories of eating this delicious cake on Bonfire Night :) Although Bonfire Night is quite a few weeks off, I've had a tin of treacle in the cupboard for ages so decided to dig out my mum's recipe book where she used to write … [Read more...]

Easy Foot and Handprint Card Tutorial

Footprint and Handprint Card for Dad

  It was my husband's birthday this week and true to form I left it until the last minute to get his birthday cards from me and my son. Having found a perfect one to send him from me, I really struggled to find one that I liked to send from our four year old son. None that were for sale in the shops seemed quite personal enough, so we … [Read more...]

Running My Own Business Gives Me The Opportunity To Be A Good Role Model To My Children

photo (3)

Article by Joanna Rowlands, Owner of Piccolo Gifts   There are a multitude of “firsts” when you become a parent and the less talked about are sometimes the most significant.  We change and evolve, sometimes becoming more confident, self-assured, driven, protective, multi-skilled and multi-faceted.  This, I hear you cry, is not the … [Read more...]

An Interview With…Joanna Pirie – Bowery Productions

photo 4

Tell us a little bit about you and your business. When did you start and what made you decide to start your own business? I started Bowery Productions, a filming and editing company when my son was a year old.  I had worked as a TV producer for 14 years and gave up my staff job at the BBC to be able to spend more time with Oscar.  My previous … [Read more...]