Introducing Our New Website

Our website aims to be a wonderful platform to support mums, both those who wish to promote their business or charity and also those who wish to share their hobbies, talents and stories.

We have various sections of our website for you to get involved in. We have wonderful features written by mums both to inform and entertain and we already have various articles on our site from story samples to fab make-up tips, from really helpful articles like how to best photograph your items to inspirational business start-up stories.

We also have a showcase section where we hope to show-off some of the fantastic things mums make and sell and a fabulous events calendar where you can find details of  all sorts of upcoming events from baby fairs to craft fairs.

Finally we have our ‘Mummies High Street’, our online directory where we already have a variety of businesses listed, from baby signing to personal trainers, greetings cards to  children’s clothing. And we will be adding more very soon.

Here’s a little more information about our website…


Our features section is a fantastic opportunity to contribute an article to our website and also read other articles written by mums on a wide range of topics.

We already have a variety of articles from the benefits of swimming with your baby to the importance of nursery rhymes and singing in a child’s development. We also have a wonderful article with some fab summer beauty tips and even some imaginative fictional story sample from some very creative contributors.

If you would be interested in contributing a article for our features page please contact for more details.

We’d love:

  • Articles that aim to motivate, inspire and help guide other, for example about your experience of being a mum in business and the challenges and rewards it has brought, or how you made the leap and turned your hobby into a business.
  • Tutorials and how to guides. Whether its blogging tips, recipes or things to make with your children. You don’t have to give away your trade secrets, just a taster of what you do.
  • Stories or poems, fiction or non-fiction we love creative mums and would love you to share your talent or passion for writing with us.
  • Guides on where to go and what to do in your area, anything that you think would be helpful to other mums.
  • Articles on what you think will be a next big trend; from fashion to make-up, wedding styles and colours to hair styles, children’s toys to holidays.

These are just some suggestions and we’re open to all ideas and if you have a business you will be able to tell us a little about it and promote it as part of your article, we are of the belief that by writing something in your own words and conveying your personality you will grab people’s attention, make you more memorable and become an approachable business. Our features section is by no means limited to mums in business and anyone is free to contribute. If you think you could write something that other mums would like to read then we’d love to hear from you.

Credit is always given to the author, and if you would like to get involved but are not sure what you could contribute please gets in touch, we are very friendly and here to help, we may even have some suggestions for you. The most popular articles each month will also be included in our newsletter. Our newsletter is sent out by email and is also distributed at any events we attend.

By supplying any articles and/or photographs for our website you confirm that you own or have express permission to use such editorial and/or photographs and anyone found or  reported to be using work that belongs to or is copyrighted to someone else will have their feature removed from our website and they may be forbidden from contributing anything to our website.


The More Than Mummies showcase page is designed as a platform to display items made or sold by mums. There will be a different showcase theme each month and there will be a limit of 20 items displayed on our showcase page. More details on our next showcase and how you can apply to be in our showcase will be available soon. All showcases are free to take part in and you can include a brief description of your item as well as price, contact details and link to your website.


We also have a competitions page to list any current competitions or giveaways, all details on how to enter and any terms and conditions will be listed on the page for each competition. All competitions are free to enter.

More Than Mummies High Street – Business Directory

Our aim with our Mummies High Street is to give you an opportunity to find independent shops and businesses, support other mums and hopefully find some wonderful treasures that you couldn’t find in your everyday shops.

And if you’re a mum in business it’s a fantastic place to list your business and attract new interest. We aim to keep our directory as accessible as possible by the way of free basic listings or an enhanced listing for a small annual fee.

A free basic listing includes your:

- Business Name

- Business Address, or at least county (for our search functionality)

- Contact Details, phone and/or email

- Website link

Or an enhanced listing for a small annual admin fee which, as well as the above, includes:

- Your logo

- Description/editorial of your business, suggested max 350 words, can be longer if you wish

- up to six images

- Links to your social media pages as well as your website, Facebook and Twitter

- Will appear above basic listings in the directory and any search results



We have a wonderful events calendar for mums to list their events. Whether it’s a Christmas fair, baby show, networking meet-up or charity event, all are welcome. We do however ask  that any events submitted to be listed be events that are open to the public and not online events.

If you would like to enquire about submitting an event for our calendar either use the contact form or email us

Please note: We offer 2 types of event listing, a free basic listing and an enhanced listing which includes a description and/or images for a small admin fee of £5 per event. An enhanced listing may also appear in our newsletter.


  1. Can I just say what a fab idea this website is. I had been looking for something like this on facebook for a while and came across Yummy Mummies by chance. It really good to be able to share my business idea and see what other Yummy Mummies are doing as well.