Tiadra and the Ever-bubblies – Go To Market

By: Hope Turner

Hope was always frightened of writing due to the negative input of my junior school English teacher, but started with poetry during an emotional period and one night, whilst pregnant and trying to deal with young puppies was inspired to write a childrens story, which evolved into a set of stories, and then more for older age groups, wanting her future child to be able to take the new friends from the books with her throughout school.

Tiadra and the Ever-bubblies, go to Market


At 6:30 every morning, I get up to go and see the Ever-bubblies.  Now, not many people have heard of the Ever-bubblies, but I have a way to them through my kitchen.  So every morning, I go to my kitchen, switch on the special light, (which helps show the way), go past the fridge, over the river, turn left at mud hill, through the passage of always summer, and turn the magic key in the portal of in-between.  There, just past the portal in the land called Twatha, the Ever-bubblies are waiting for me.

This morning the Ever-bubblies are taking me to see the market.

At the market residents of Twatha can buy fresh vegetables grown by the Bambabits, (which look an awful lot like rabbits, rabbits who wear wellies and wax jackets)

fresh fruit from the VixyFlits (which look an awful lot like fruit bats with straw hats),

cheese, milk and yogurt from the Heffadinks (who are very much like cows but wear white coats and plastic booties to keep their, products clean),

eggs from the Do-Dos (yes there are still Do-dos, but they live there),

grain from Pitter Squeaks (they look like field mice in yellow waistcoats),

all different sorts of nuts from the Squivels ( these look like red squirrels, and as they like nuts they wear little dresses made from coconut matting),

trees and bushes from the Adnaps (deer) who  don’t make much as they are forever sampling their own produce,

beautifully crafted wooden furniture from the Vamvams (like beavers), glass from the Glitter-bugs,

stone work from the Boulder-folder, who makes lovely statues but rather uncomfortable beds,

and wrought iron things from the Unicorns and Pegasis.

Swamp-clouds (who could easily be mistaken for sheep) make blankets, sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases, and you can get

feathers from the QuackEuks to stuff into the pillowcases and duvet covers.

The market was very busy and it was ever so nice to meet so many Twathians in one day.

Well, after our day at the market, the Ever-bubblies brought me back to the portal of in-between, we had a cuddle and said goodbye for today, promised to meet tomorrow for another adventure, and I came home to tell Mummy all about my day.

What great dreams I will have tonight about all I have seen, and I shall wake up all excited about what I will see and who I will meet tomorrow.


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