Welcome to Our New Website!

We are really proud to present our new website morethanmummies.com.

Being a mum is a wonderful gift and in our opinion the best thing in the world, but, we know “there’s so much more to mums than nappies and the school run!”

More Than Mummies started as a Facebook page of a different name Yummy Mummies – Business Mums in March 2011 to support mums in whatever they do besides being a mum, whether it be their work, hobby, charities or their own business. When it first started I thought that if I was lucky I may get 200 mums joining our little Facebook community by the end of the year, but to my surprise we had 300 ‘likes’ in the first week.

It wasn’t just the amount of mums joining our page that made me want to take it a step further and create a website but I was so impressed at all the wonderful things mums created, sold or the services they provided and charities they supported. Especially when you bear in mind that they are looking after children and most likely running a house too!

Launching in September 2011, morethanmummies.com hopes to become a wonderful platform for mums to promote their hobbies, talents, businesses and products via our features and showcase pages. Our site isn’t only for the entrepreneurial mums, anyone is welcome to submit an article for our features section and we encourage a variety of topics.

For our business mums the aim is also to keep the website as accessible as possible, by allowing mums to add to our features or showcases and list their business in our directory for little or no cost.

As well as supporting mums I also hope that the website will help champion small independent businesses and those who make wonderful things to sell. I’ve always loved things that are unique, bespoke and not common. Especially when they are things that people have put thought and effort into making. I love it when people ask me where I’ve got something from because they haven’t seen anything like it in the shops! I hope the website will be able to draw attention to these wonderful items as well as being somewhere where you will have an oopportunity to promote what you do.

So, here we are morethanmummies.com! This is our way of supporting mums, and I hope you enjoy and benefit from our website!

Jill. x

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