“Being a Mummy and so much more… “

Article By: Claudia Watt


 Creating change in your life can feel like a huge and scary step, trust me- I really Know!

I left my country, Germany, and relocated to Scotland because I fell in love with a wonderful Scottish man. It was a big step, especially with the language barrier. But it just felt like the right thing to do. Have you ever felt like this about something too?

Well, not only did I become a wife- but also Step Mum to two great children- quite a huge step for a 27 year old like me.  I was lucky, because I had a good career, I worked in the hotel trade and loved the interaction with all the different people I would meet.  But very soon after getting married I became pregnant with my wonderful little girl. – And I am sure you can
guess-, yes, my great career in the hotel trade lost some of its appeal, especially as I was missing time with my daughter. I had so much on my plate, I’m not sure how I got through it all, but I knew the one thing that I wanted to change. It was my work.

I realised I wanted to decide what hours I worked so I could achieve a better work/life balance. I am still keen to develop and do the best I can so I wanted to be able to progress in  whatever I did on a “part-time” basis. This was proving hard to achieve in any of the jobs I looked for.

I started thinking about running my own business but I really had no idea where to start – then suddenly, during one of those internet searches that I would inevitably end up doing, there it was: The Creation Station! Arts and Crafts for kids, a franchise, award winning and fast growing.  JUST THE THING!  Amazing opportunities for the future and for now it would give me the opportunity to achieve the work/life balance that I was dreaming of. Being slightly suspicious of all the positives I went to a “Discovery morning” to learn more about the business and meet and get to know the founder, Sarah Cressall (who is an inspiration!) and some of the franchisees – and what can I say, I was totally inspired.

I had to be absolutely sure that it was the right thing for me to do and also that it would pay off for my family.  In the end I thought about my own upbringing
(I am very proud of what my mum has achieved) and about what kind of role model I wanted to be for my kids… that made it easier.

I want them to have the confidence to try things! I would hate for them to turn around years later and say “I wish I had done such and such” So that`s what I did, I went for it! With butterflies in my tummy and the big scary step of making a change in my life to achieve what I really wanted. What’s brilliant – I have loved the whole process so far with not a single regret!

Sarah and her team are just lovely and incredibly helpful and whatever silly question I might have, there is always someone there to help me along the way. The Creation Station franchise has been the perfect option for me, I get to have all the fun and I gain the benefit of a valued and trusted brand behind me, with many years of experience of tried and tested session plans. Lots of hand -holding and a whole group of other franchise owners who, like me, had never done anything like this before, but who are loving inspiring the nation and achieving their dream work/life balance . So if you want to make a change in your life, I hope this inspires you to at least explore taking the big scary step – because the benefits can be fantastic!

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  1. I like this ! Its a huge step from Germany to Scotland!

  2. Hi Claudia, You are such an inspiration to us Mums- thank you . I’m so glad you found The Creation Station and have been inspired to go for what you want in your life . It is a absolute pleasure working with you and i’m really proud you’re one of inspiring team! Here’s to you, Sarah

  3. Thanks, Sarah. It`s great to be part of the team! And I`m really happy to have “braved” it :o)