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It has become a custom that all children expect a party bag at the end of a party, however the term ‘party bag’ is often the term used to refer to some form of gift.

Here are my Top 10 ideas for party bags, that won’t necessarily break the bank and  you can ensure the children go home with a big smile on their face.

1. The Traditional Party Loot Bag

The loot bag is usually made out of plastic and this type of bag is still by far the most popular. Plastic loot bags are cheap to use and are readily available in lots of popular children’s themes, such as Hello Kitty, Disney Princess, Bob the Builder, Spiderman, to name a few. You can also buy them in any non licensed theme to co-ordinate with tableware and decorations.

Most loot bags come in packs of 8 and are fairly inexpensive.

Fill them with pocket money toys and sweets and kids will be more than happy!

2. Cellophane and Paper Bags

If you prefer to give something a bit different to a plastic loot bag then you could opt for a Cellophane bag or Paper bag.

Cello bags are available in plain or printed designs and you can fill them with little toys and sweets. They look great tied with some ribbon to give them a finishing touch.

Paper bags are great because they are eco-friendly and recyclable. You can buy them printed or plain in a range of lovely bright colours and in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. To add a bit more excitement for the child, wrap the gifts in a sheet of coloured tissue paper before placing in the paper bag.

You could buy some plain paper bags and get the children to decorate and personalise then at the party as part of the entertainment. They will be so happy to show off their creations!

Decorated Party Bag Labels


3. Party Cups

A party bag doesn’t necessarily have to be a bag. Try using a paper cup! You could decorate a paper cup or make it a craft activity at the party and get the children to decorate their own cups.

Personalised Pink Heart Gift Cups

Simply attach a ribbon or string to it to form a handle and fill with treats. Kids will be most impressed going home with one of these cups and they can even keep them afterwards to store little bits and pieces.

You could also buy plastic cups and beakers that children can use long after the party too!

4. Fabric bags

Cotton bags are a wonderful alternative to plastic and can be used over and over again. You can buy any suitable fabric and make your own if you are a dab hand at sewing but if not there are many styles of fabric bags available to buy ready made up.

Children can decorate their own cotton bag at the party as an activity by using fabric pens and paints. A fabric party bag makes a great party bag gift which can be used over and over again long after the party is over.

5. Party Boxes

You can buy party boxes (Like a ‘Happy Meal’ style box) in lots of bright colours and designs. They make a great alternative to using party bags and you can get lots more in them, including a fairy cake or piece of birthday cake. You can buy plain boxes which you can decorate or personalise yourself and you can even buy ones that say ‘Hope you had a great time!’

6. A Crafty Gift

A great way to entertain children at the party is to get them to make or decorate something such as a picture frame, soft toy, bag or even a cookie. Kids will love to take home the fruits

of their labour!

7. Pots, Baskets and Flowers

This makes much more of an unusual party bag gift. Plant pots are fairly cheap to buy in DIY shops and can be beautifully decorated. Fill them with toys, sweets, flower seeds or even a pot plant! A great idea especially for a summer garden party. A small bunch of flowers tied together with ribbon looks great too.

8. Lucky Dip

Children love lucky dips and what better way to end the party with one.

Cover a cardboard box with paper which you can decorate or use printed gift wrap. Cut a hole in the top of the box and fill the box with wrapped up gifts, enough for each guest. The birthday child can hold the box by the door as the guests leave.

9. Books

Fun little reading books make wonderful party gifts. You can buy lots of great inexpensive books and many come as value packs.

Why not personalise each book with a little message inside the cover to read something like: ‘Dear Sarah, Thank you for coming to my 6th birthday party, love Evie’.

10. A Sweet Creation

Instead of the usual sweets placed in party bags you could make a little gift with them! Fill little cello bags or small gift boxes with penny sweets (not quite a penny these days!) and tie with ribbon to give them a finishing touch.

Make or buy yummy cupcakes, you can put them into cupcake cases which look great.

Cake pops – these are basically balls of yummy cake on a stick. Increasing in popularity, they look wonderful presented in a cellophane bag and tied with ribbon.

Pirate and Princess Party Bags

Pirate and Princess Party Bags


Not every parent has the time to create wonderful party bags, this is where Best Kids Party can help!

We offer a huge range of kids party bags to suit all budgets and in popular party themes.

Our favourite has to be our ‘Arty’ party bags, which are designed and handmade by us. They are great if you are looking for something a bit different.

We also offer a wonderful range of personalised party bags, in both paper and 100% cotton fabric.

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  1. So simple but several inventive party bag solutions which will suit the different stages the children are potentially at you are entertaining and also the theme of the party. Keep the articles coming!!