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1. Tell us a little bit about you and your business?

Hello, I’m Lucy and I run Who Loves Me? – personalised presents with a difference! We make unique and bespoke flashcards to help babies, toddlers and children learn more about their extended family who they may not see frequently, while encouraging communication and language skills.


Who Loves Me? Cards - Front

Who Loves Me? Cards - Front


The cards are similar to other flashcards used to teach toddlers their first words or spelling for older children, but ours have a photo of someone on the front of the card and on the back a brief description of that person. For example, a picture of Grandad could be on the front with the description, ‘Grandad likes football’ on the back. All of the pictures, names and words are uploaded by the customer on the easy to use website.

Who Loves Me? Cards - Reverse

Who Loves Me? Cards - Reverse

The cards have just won three awards in the 2011 Loved By Parents Awards – winning Gold for Best Baby Gift, Gold for Best Baby Print Product and Silver for Best Innovative Idea.

The cards have also undergone thorough CE safety tests to meet European safety standards. They have none of the harmful chemicals that photos have, making them safe if they end up in little people’s mouths.

2. What made you decide to start Who Loves Me?

My husband and I started the business after my first son was born. When he was a baby we found that he didn’t recognise his grandparents or aunts / uncles when they came to visit.  Rather than want to cuddle them when they arrived he would cling to us instead because he didn’t remember them from their previous visit. So we made him a pack of cards to show him pictures of them in between visits, which meant he recognised them the next time they came over and was excited to see them! We used photos to start with but found he just put them in his mouth which was not ideal (either for his tummy or the photos!), and so we made more durable cards with pictures on instead.

After a while of using the cards and seeing what a difference it made to his relationship with his extended family we realised other people may benefit from them too, and Who Loves Me? was born!

3. Where are you based?

We’re based in sunny South London. A perfect family friendly hub to launch from!

 4. What are the benefits of flash cards for children and babies?

For babies, the cards are visually stimulating, help with family and friend recognition, and introduce first words. For toddlers, the cards are a fun new toy that teaches them about their family, while learning different colours, jungle animals and new vocabulary. You can also play games with the cards including finding the hidden heart in each of the animals, or making up your own games (matching the grandparents together etc). For children, the cards are a helpful reading aid and an excellent conversation starter.

Who Loves Me? Cards in action!

Who Loves Me? cards are designed to give all the educational value and interactive fun of a set of flashcards, but with the added benefits that they are unique to you and teach your child about something very important – who loves them!

5. What made you decide on the name ‘Who Loves Me’?

Good question!  We went through a number of weird and wonderful names, but essentially we wanted something that summed up the sentiment behind the cards and this fitted perfectly. When we used the original pack with our son, we would show him a card for example of Granny and say “Granny loves you” and we’d say that for every card because it’s important for him to know that. So when we were choosing a name “Who Loves Me?” seemed to capture the essence of the product and the company.

7. What are the best things about running your own business?

The flexibility is amazing – I can make the job work around my children. It means working in the evenings after they’ve gone to bed, but this is more than balanced out by the fact that I get to spend more time with them during the day.

8. What are the worst?

You never switch off! I literally check my emails the moment I wake up and it’s the last thing I do before I go to bed.

9. What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

Mainly meeting up with friends for a drink or a bite to eat. I do love a good natter and giggle over a glass of wine!

10. What advice would you give to other mums thinking about starting up their own business?

I’d say its harder work than you think its going to be – you don’t ever switch off and there’s a lot of admin that goes with running your own business that you don’t necessarily anticipate. The rewards are a lot better than you think they’re going to be though!

11. Where can we find your products to buy?

We’re online at You can buy individual cards for £1.99 each or a pack of cards for £11.99 (8 cards) or £17.99 (16 cards) which come in their own presentation box.

If you are buying a gift for someone else and you don’t have all the photos yourself, our gift vouchers are beautiful in their own right and are extremely popular!

Who Loves Me Gift Voucher

Who Loves Me Gift Voucher

You can contact me at:


More Than Mummies will be announcing a competition in association with Who Loves Me? very soon!


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