Saffron Crafts – Created by a mum with a dream to start her own business

By:Kelly Compton

I am currently a stay at home mum to my three wonderful boys George 11, Oliver 9 and Henry 2. Whilst I love being at home with my boys and all aspects of our family life,  I have always dreamed of going back to work or creating a business, but this has always seemed impossible as I needed to be around for the boys. It is hard bringing up children when you have no  immediate family to rely on and having moved into a new area, with no social network nearby, getting a job in the work place was completely out of the question for me. From this, my quest for home working started and I used to dream of having a challenge in my life that utilised my talents other than to be a mum and wife without being detrimental to my family. It  can be very lonely for some people being a mum at home and for me I wanted to feel worthwhile, other than just ‘someone’s mum’ - and an opportunity to share my talents & meet new friends!

I investigated, and feel like I exhausted the internet looking for something I would enjoy, bring in a little income, and most importantly, fit round the family and running a home. After almost giving up, I was shopping for bunting for my boys’ bedroom and after going to all my favourite shops, I just couldn’t find the ‘right’ thing so I decided upon a quest to make my  own. After my first attempt, I was actually quite shocked that it was quite good! Red White and Blue Bunting

From there, I just carried on and on and I felt like my work was getting better and better. I had absolutely forgotten my childhood passion for sewing and how therapeutic I found it – I just seem to get lost in my thoughts and carried away to a place where these ideas just flow and grow!

This dream all started at the beginning of the 6 weeks holidays and I fully intended to publically role out Saffron Crafts in the September. This was huge for me as I had an ovePainting Apronrwhelming fear of rejection and failure – were my things good enough, or was I deluding myself?  I had to set up my own website, create a facebook page and design lots of things to showcase to people in the hope that I would light their passion for home crafts and allow me the privilege of personalising something for their children. This gave me an opportunity to use my long forgotten skills and add new one’s in developing a web page, considering marketing and sourcing good quality materials.


Personalised Cotton Gym Bags


Today, business seems to be catching on! People are loving my passion for home crafts and personalising their children’s items and even for themselves or their pets! I am currePersonalised Christmas Stockingntly busy with lots of School Christmas Bazaars, Shopping Evenings and Mother and Toddler Groups. I am loving life again, feeling confident and can balance this with bringing up my children, being here for them and running my home.  I am looking forward to the future and not dreading what I am going to do when my last baby starts school. I am going on a course to make curtains and blinds in January and I am hoping that this will be another string to the bow of Saffron Crafts.

Chritmas Pudding and Holly Bunting

So to all you mums out there who are looking for more out of life, go with your heart and the rest will follow! Live your dreams, no one can take them away from you! We are proud mums but most of all we are real people! This was all born out of a dream and I am hoping it will flourish – watch out Kath Kidston, Saffron Crafts has arrived!

By: Kelly Compton proud mum of 3 and owner of Saffron Crafts.

Kelly has been nominated for a Business Mum award (Mum of Notable Recognition) having been chosen from nearly 300 nominations by

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  1. Kelly’s work shows how much she cares and she goes the extra mile with making something for you that little bit extra special.
    Saffron Crafts are lovely items.
    Thanks Kelly.