3 Steps to a Happy Mirror – PART 2

By Tanya Grant


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So, hopefully, you have embarked on your more active life.

Not a full-on, green Lycra clad, WHOOing, feel the burn, type of active life, but a bit more general jigging about.

Let’s remember – this is not about you getting skinny, or starving yourself. This is not about denying yourself anything.

It is about a change of focus.

And for once the focus is squarely on YOU. This doesn’t happen much, I’m betting. This is your life now, and you’re living it. I want you to think about what you want. What you would like to be, how you would like to live, how you want to spend your time and most importantly, how you would like to FEEL?

Spend a moment thinking about that…..

There is one or possibly two things that you know you need to change. But you don’t. Why not? Is it because you are too busy, or you don’t have enough money or energy? Those probably aren’t real reasons, if you are brutally honest.

What is the one thing that you have wanted to do for SO LONG that you just aren’t? This week – start to remove the barriers, be brave or be insistent and start to make it happen. It might be something you have to save for, convince someone about, or work at. Why SHOULDN’T you do it? Aren’t you as important as anyone else? What do you want your children to model…a mum that is happy and does things she enjoys…or a mum that has regrets and misses out. Chances are, they will live the life that you show them. Think about that.

So we were talking about that blasted mirror.

Let me let you into a secret. Exercise is the route to happiness. These days it is not a chore. There is so much fun to be had, so many choices, so much life-changing experience that this article would be way too long to deal with all of it.

I have had my share of sedentary life and it did not make me happy. It isn’t making you happy either. When I exercise I get happy (not the first week or two – I ache like hell and want to go to bed) but after that… And I am not alone. EVERYONE does, and then they can’t imagine why they didn’t do it sooner.

Obviously at some point after this comes an inevitable ‘falling off of the wagon’. THAT is the real stumbling block. That is when the self-flogging takes place and you REALLY make the decision. Make the right decision there, and you are sorted for good.

“I know I should” “I will get round to it” “I am SO uncoordinated” “My husband works shifts” “I am just lazy” “People would laugh” Ring a bell?

Exercise Secret # 1

You will enjoy it. You will REALLY enjoy it. An hour 3 times a week just for you. That works out as 1/56th of your week that will transform your whole life. If you watch Eastenders – that is about the same. After a few weeks you will live for it, look forward to it, evangelise to your friends about it.

Exercise Secret #2

It really doesn’t matter if you are completely pants at it. No one whatsoever cares. The people that are lucky enough to be skilled in that department are so busy trying to look impressive and the rest of us are just concentrating on what we are doing – that no one notices anyone else. This is an actual fact. And actually – so what if they did notice you set off on the wrong foot? What’s the worst that could happen?

Exercise Secret #3

It is ALL in the head. Get your head right first, DECIDE that you are going to do this and the rest will follow. Don’t let anything; in-laws, late-home husband, stroppy bed-dodging child – get in the way. Remember: YOU are important and this is your time. One day you will be 80 and not have the choice.

Exercise Secret #4

It works REALLY quickly. Within a week: you FEEL better, within a month – you LOOK better, within 3 months you are the new you. Fact. This is ALWAYS fact.

OK – I give in, what do I have to do?

Simply this: choose a type (or types) of exercise. Seriously, group exercise with a nutter (such as myself) at the front, is the most motivational way. All sorts of science backs this up. Do it 3 times a week – 4 if you are on a mission!

And that’s it.

For now, why not go you your local leisure centre/fitness instructor’s website, look at the timetable and start to think about it. Just think. Keep on being a little more active every day, take those little steps to climb the mountain – and don’t give yourself a hard time.


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  1. Another excellent article, thanks Tanya. Have motivated me to actually do some exercise this weekend (although may get soaked doing it, looking at the weather outside!)