Choosing your Maternity Party Dress This Christmas

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Christmas is a great time to shine when you are pregnant, so choosing the right kind of maternity clothes for the party season is essential. So make sure you think ahead when you are choosing your maternity dress so that you get a style that is going to keep you comfortable during the evening but also make you look stunning.

The key to choosing a great maternity dress is to dress the shape of the body you have now rather than fall back on the old reliable shapes that suited you before you were pregnant. Take a look at your body in the mirror; you will probably see significant changes in your shape especially around your hips and tummy area as well as in your bust and your legs.

Though the changes around your middle are very obvious during pregnancy as your bump starts to grow, some pregnancy changes can be quite an advantage to the average woman. Pregnancy often makes your breast swell and appear fuller and firmer than ever before and, as your weight increases and your legs have to work harder, you may experience firmness and toning in your thighs that is really worth showing off – who knows if you will ever have such shape again.

When you have decided which of your assets you want to show off, you can then choose the dress that is going to suit your shape, style and occasion so that you can truly glow during your pregnancy.


The most flattering style during pregnancy is usually the Wrap Dress style. The asymmetric line provided by this dress draws the eye across your body flattening your tummy and brining emphasis to those areas you would rather show off.

The v neck line draws emphasis to your neck, shoulders and bust which will bring added length to your body and make you look more balanced than a pregnancy usually makes you feel. Look out for self tie wraps which tie under the bust.

The tie will give emphasis to an apparent waist further reinforcing your balance proportions and if the tie can be adjusted you can ensure that your dress provides you with the perfect each time you wear it no matter how your shape changes.

The wrap dress can be worn at any leg length but a slightly over the knee cut will give emphasis to your legs providing you with further height and a great party feel.


Another great style for pregnancy is the empire line which traditionally sees a gathering under the bust and then a flowing skirt falling over the rest of your body.

This is an ideal shape if you want a prettier line in your maternity style or if you are looking for a black tie dress that is going to flow to the ground. The under the bust gathering provides emphasis to the bust so choose the neckline that gives you the style that you want.

The more skin you show, the more the eye line will move upwards and compliment with sparkling jewellery and up styles in your hair to add further length to your body and balance out your shape.


Whatever style of maternity dress you choose, the most important element to looking your very best during your pregnancy is not actually the choice of dress itself, but the underwear you use to define your shape underneath your dress.

Choose ill fitting underwear and you will have unsightly lumps and bumps in even the most elegant of party dresses which are going to make you look and feel less than you should. So get yourself measured every few weeks during your pregnancy and ensure that when you put on your underwear it provides a smooth silhouette and great shape to your body giving you the confidence to show off your party style and really enjoy being pregnant. brings together the top maternity fashion brands from the leading retailers in the UK high street and online onto one easy to use website with advice on choosing your maternity clothes as well as voucher codes and discounts to ensure you get value for money when you shop. From maternity coats, through to maternity underwear, dresses, trousers and swimwear, we provide everything you will need to look and feel great during your pregnancy.


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