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Article By: Michelle Best

YogaBugs Birmingham & Solihull

It’s not often that you’re able to take a supersonic trip to space, sail the ocean waves on a pirate galleon and head off to the jungle as part of your job but that’s now part of my everyday  life. This year, 2011, has also been a constant series of adventures, starting back in January when I had my first child, Dylan.

The decision to set up a YogaBugs business is a new venture for me professionally and one that I’m very excited about. Originally I trained as a nursery nurse and went on to do a degree in Early Childhood Studies at Wolverhampton University. Whilst working as an early year’s teacher, I was shocked to find pre-school children becoming obese and suffering from poor health, bad diet, asthma and allergies. I also noticed how few families encouraged their young children to exercise. When in 2009 the opportunity came to work for one of YogaBugs’  franchisees, I saw that as my chance to make a positive difference to children’s lives. I helped to roll out YogaBugs Impact & Change programme in local primary schools and saw at first-hand how an exercise such as yoga helps children to calm and focus, whilst keeping them keeping flexible and mobile.

I’ve always been interested in keeping fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Aged 13, I was diagnosed with scoliosis (which causes curvature of the spine) and advised not to exercise so that I didn’t cause any further pain and damage. Now I know that this was the wrong advice. Gentle exercise and yoga especially, can aid injury recovery and is an excellent complement to other forms of sport. My condition was very painful growing up, but I loved sport so started to swim and run regularly. I went on to run for my school in the county school races, and completed the Great North Run. One day I’d like to run the London Marathon.

When I became pregnant, I gave a lot of thought to how I could continue to work and achieve a work-life balance with a young child. Coincidentally YogaBugs introduced a new range of franchise options making this affordable at the time I was thinking seriously about running my own business. Aware that YogaBugs is a well-known company through its involvement with Dragons’ Den and Waybaloo, and being so passionate about yoga and fitness myself, making the decision to take on a franchise was relatively easy. Using my previous experiences, I set about putting together a plan over the summer so that I’d be ready to turn my dreams into reality in time for the autumn term.

Through children’s yoga, I strongly believe I can help children to have a happier and healthier lifestyle. Running my own franchise allows me the freedom to manage my own time and work around Dylan. I now have the perfect work-life balance! I teach classes one day a week and have fantastic teachers who teach for me the other days.

I’m really excited about introducing our innovative yoga inspired programme to schools, nurseries, children’s and community centres in the Birmingham & Solihull area. I’m also creating employment opportunities in the area, particularly for those who would find it helpful to work around school hours. As demand for classes is growing, I’m going to train up to five more teachers to join my team.


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Michelle Best

YogaBugs Birmingham & Solihull


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