Winter, winter here we come, when there’s snow lets have some fun!

Article by: Laura


British weather is THE BEST! Some of my best days can be the ones where the sun ISN’T splitting the sky! Why?  Snowy days where the kids have got all dressed up in their all-in-one snowsuits and we have gone outside to have a snowball fight or to build a snowman. There is something extra special about being out in the rain or snow and still having the freedom to play, not least because everyone else seems to take cover and you have the whole place to yourself.


This was really the inspiration behind my company, Rain-shine .  My mum, sister and myself decided that having worn these suits on our littlies (and my sister and I having worn them when we were young) that those who don’t have them are REALLY missing out.  As a young parent myself, I wanted to make these affordable to all young mums.  Hence Rain-shine was born in October 2010 with the ethos of quality outdoor waterproof clothing at affordable prices. Since then we have branched in to the area of swimwear and as a mum of a just turned one year old, I get to try all the baby swimwear products out on my little one which is just fantastic!

When in Aviemore in May this year we were trialing some beach boots so headed along to a nearby loch to really test them out.  As my 4 year old paddled in the water and we asked her  questions about how they felt and took pictures a crowd seemed to emerge from nowhere on the beach – I think they thought we were doing a photo shot as some parents were even urging their kids forward in to our photos!  In the end I couldn’t get her out of the water, she loved them so much.

I am really fortunate in that I am really close to my mum and being a twin, my sister and I have a really close bond too– we still go to phone each other at the same time!  Working with them couldn’t be nicer and doing events together also gives us a good chance to catch up with each other.

Balancing running your own business and a young family can be tricky at times and I do feel guilty like all working mums but the benefits FAR outweigh the negatives, you just have to be more organized. My girls LOVE their nursery days (Monday and Wednesday) and they know that the rest of the week they are with me or dad or us both and this works really well. My 4 year old now asks if she can come along with me to any work events – as our events are very child orientated there are often bouncy castles, face painting and fun activities for her to get involved in.  Fun for everyone!

Have a look at our website – or visit our facebook page – We sell quality brands such as Regatta, Togz, Keela and Konfidence  swimwear and all images used on our sites are of those of our own children or those of satisfied customers. On the website you can also find out where we are next so come say hello and see for yourself the range and quality of Rain-shine products! If you prefer to chat through your requirements don’t hesitate to call either myself Laura (0773 646 8147 – laura@rain- or Megan (0778 949 2114 –, we would love to hear from you.


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