3 Steps to a Happy Mirror – PART 3…It’s Get off your Bum O’clock!

By Tanya Grant


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So how are you doing?

You knew this was coming, we can’t put it off any longer…the time has COME!

I am going to be slightly more badass!

You could, however; start after your holiday, once your little one starts pre-school/school, when the bathroom is done, once the children are on Summer Holidays, once the children are Back to School, when you are not so busy at work, when your friend can come with you, after you get paid, when you finish maternity leave, when you get time to get into town for some new trainers, once you have had your legs waxed, next week, when you have a bit more energy, when you have a bit more money, when the garden is done, after your Mother-in Law comes to stay, after the Hen-Do, after the Wedding, after the Christening, when Christmas/Easter is out of the way.

This day-to-day life stuff just seems to inconveniently keep on happening, and you know as well as I do…it is just not going to go away.

There will NEVER be a better time than now. Today!

Look at you reading this (thank you, I appreciate it very much, don’t stop), so you do have SOME free time ;)
First things first – WHO ARE YOU?

What did you like when you were little? Did you climb trees, ride your bike, run through the park, go to dance classes, play netball, go swimming, join clubs, draw pictures, build dens?

Were you competitive or did you like being part of a team? Did you prefer your own company, or were you happiest in a group?

Read the following paragraph then try this:

  • Close your eyes for a moment… take a few deep breaths.
  • Try to make your out breath twice as long as your in breath.
  • Take a few uninterrupted minutes this way and settle your mind
  • Take yourself back to the time when 8 years old.
  • Try to see what you saw, feel how you felt.
  • Can you remember the things you loved to do?
  • How did they make you feel? Excited? Relaxed? Challenged? Happy? Scared? Or something else…
  • Bring yourself slowly back into the room, and open your eyes!

Finding the essence of why you loved what you loved when you were little, without pressure or ‘needing to get in shape’ – but purely for the joy of it – will help you find what you should do now.

Of course people change, but ask any 80 year old and they will tell you they feel inside like the same very little boy or girl they once were.

Which category would you LOVE to fit into? Below are some great Group Fitness choices to help you achieve your goals.

Click the links to get you started…and make it happen.

Intensity Levels are MY opinion and what I have seen. Don’t shoot the messenger!


Star Player

If you love Sports, or just that Team Feeling, here are some options you might enjoy…


Body Attack (Intensity Level 4/5)

BODYATTACK™ is the sports-inspired cardio workout for building strength and stamina.

This high-energy interval training class combines athletic aerobic movements with strength and stabilization exercises.

Dynamic instructors and powerful music motivate everyone towards their fitness goals – from the weekend athlete to the hard-core competitor!


Aqua Aerobics (Intensity Level 2.5/5)

All local leisure centres with a swimming pool will run Aqua exercise classes.

They are great for those with low-level baseline fitness and muscle/joint problems.

You may work in partners, in circles and on your own.

Very sociable and a great way to get back into fitness.

Note: always make sure the class is held in waist/chest-deep water, shallow pool aqua is entirely pointless!


The Wild Card! Take the family to GO APE. (Intensity Level 3/5)

Work together, get some exercise in the fresh air, challenge yourself and support each other.

Quite expensive but might be just the boot in the booty you need.

This has been known to change people’s lives…


Olympic Medallist


RPM / Spinning / Indoor Cycling (Intensity Level 4-4.5/5)

No need to worry about the British weather – these workouts take place indoors on static bikes.

A great one to bring your partner to. This will get you seriously fit.


Running Club (Intensity Levels 3-4/5)

Always SO much more motivating than going it alone, click this for details of groups you can join to run with others.


Body Combat (Intensity Level 4/5)

Taking its inspiration from Martial Arts, this high energy workout is not for the faint-hearted. You can kick and punch all the week’s frustrations away in just 55 mins!


Powerful PT Girl

So Many Options – the harder you work, the quicker you see the results. Simple as that.


Boot Camps/Fit Camps/Military Fitness(Intensity level 4/5)

This links to a an amazing Fit Camp in Hampshire – where I have seen the results for myself. Outstanding.


Body Pump (Intensity Level 4/5)

Don’t let the video put you off – this class is almost exclusively populated by women. It absolutely changes the shape of your body


Dance Floor Diva


Zumba (Intensity 2-3/5)

The biggest phenomenon in group fitness since..I don’t know when.

A super sociable, super-fun workout where you can see teenagers, their mums and their nans – all in the same class and having a great time.

Zumba is based on the hypnotic latin and Carribbean rhythms, and can range from quite gentle, to vigorous, depending on who is teaching you.

Ask around and try a few before you decide which Zumba class is the best for you.

A fabulous class for those unused to regular exercise – or ‘getting back into it’!

Some great local classes you may like to try are lead by Sally Ghafoor’s Team at: http://www.facebook.com/zumbainhampshire


Body Jam (Intensity 4/5)

I am completely biased as Body Jam is MY passion – I love teaching it and learning it.

Body Jam takes its roots from Street Culture and it is guaranteed to get you results.

It feels somewhere between a night out a great club and dancing along to MTV.

You don’t have to be good at dancing to come – you can have two left feet – but you will certainly feel like a much better, leaner, toned dancer before long – sweating from top-to-toe (and with a big silly grin)!

You dance to the very latest Hip-Hop, House, Latin tracks. As with all

Programmes with the word ‘Body’ as a pre-fix, you are guaranteed a great teacher and a top-quality workout every time.

Mainly, It’s just really, really cool!

You can Body Jam with me every Wednesday 8pm (Bitterne Leisure Centre) and Thursday 6pm (River Park Winch)


Above are some suggestions for you that I hope will save you some time!

Each of the TITLES are links to more info, videos and contacts.

This is a very small selection of what is out there Group Fitness-wise, but they are a great place to get started.


Your Challenge:

  1. Find an activity in the next 7 days. Phone or email and book yourself in. GO!
  2. Let us know how you get on, send me an email, find us on Facebook or Twitter, or comment on this post.
  3. It might take a few trials to find your perfect thing/combination of things - let me know what worked and even what didn’t and together we can hone things down to a weekly  regime that you will love so much you would never miss it. THAT is the absolutely cast-iron key to your success. Let me help you with it.


Love Tanya @ Wiggle Waggle x


p.s. Seriously – there are very few skinny women at fitness classes. Mostly it is people in large tee-shirts who have forgotten to shave their armpits trying to hide at the back. That really is 80+% of any class.

p.p.s Teachers/Instructors don’t expect you to be good at it – they are too busy being really grateful that you have turned up!


Tanya Grant runs Wiggle Waggle – who offer a training and great-value license package for people who want to run music & movement classes for young children and their grown ups.  No expensive franchise fees, no geographical restrictions – Wiggle Waggle strive to make everything they do fair, valuable – and to help people succeed.

Classes fit brilliantly with family life and provide a fun, healthy way to earn a great income.

You can be up and running in a few weeks and work in a way to suit your life. (And get all the cuddles you can handle!)

Please visit www.wigglewaggleworkshops.com

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(Tanya also runs Zumba and BodyJam adult fitness classes. She describes this as a hobby that has just got out of hand!)


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