A Yummy Mummy’s Guide to Get Fit and Sparkle!

Article by Rebecca Oladele


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Is it really possible to get in to shape? Can I really find time for exercise amidst my busy schedule, kids, home, work bla bla bla? Can I really learn how to eat right? Can I really feel years younger by getting fit and healthy?

These are all questions we ask ourselves and the answer to them all is: Yes! Yes! Yes! It is possible!

We can get in to shape however, the thought of exercise seems to put a lot of people off. Perhaps if we begin to think of exercise as varied activities then perhaps we would all have more enthusiasm towards getting started. Walking briskly to the shops instead of driving, walking up the stairs instead of taking the elevator/lift, running around in the garden with the kids, carrying the shopping to the car rather than use a shopping trolley, these are all steps towards getting in shape.

Time is a precious jewel and we need to make the most of every moment we have. Taking 30 minutes out to go for a brisk walk/jog rather than sit on facebook, running up and down the stairs till exertion rather than watching a daily chat show, a quick workout DVD whilst the baby sleeps or the kids are at nursery. Carrying the heavy shopping rather than wheeling it will get rid of those bingo wings!!! Exercise does not have to be long and tedious!!!! A 30 minute high impact workout per day could make the difference between fit and healthy or Lethargic and obese.

Eating right is not rocket science!!! Start by cutting things down rather than cutting things out. Eat less sugar, less processed food and less saturated fats. Eat more fruit and more  vegetables with every meal and this is the beginning of a healthier diet.

Exercise helps you to stay young and healthy. It gives you strong bones and muscles and reduces the risk of obtaining certain diseases including osteoporosis which is a disease of the bone which is more common with age. Exercise gives you the boost you need to get through your busy day and a new level of confidence too.

So come on everyone, let’s get moving because as we all now know…………… THIS IS POSSIBLE!!!!!



The Burpee

The reason I love this exercise is because it can be done almost anywhere, it does not require much space or any equipment, just yourself!

The burpee is the ultimate full body exercise to blast fat and build stamina. Because you’re using your full body when doing burpees and because they’re such an intense workout, the burpee is one of the best exercises to burn fat. It is excellent for toning and strengthening to. The exercise works your chest, arms, shoulders, thighs, hamstrings, and best of all your stomach. To perform a burpee:

  • Begin in a squat position with hands on the floor in front of you.
  • Kick your feet back to a push up position.
  • Immediately return your feet to the squat position.
  • Leap up as high as possible from the squat position, jumping up in the air.

When performing burpees, the key is to perform them in quickly one after the other in order to get your heart rate up and to feel the benefits this exercise is famous for.


Rebecca Oladele


A little bit more about Rebecca and Fit2Sparkle

Fit2sparkle was birthed by Rebecca Oladele who has such a strong passion for fitness and for helping women and children achieve the confidence, self esteem, zest for life, good health, happiness and strength they need to live life to the full. You can overcome bad habits, you can fight the bulge, you can take control of your life, you can be happy, healthy and fit. You can begin to SPARKLE again, shine, glow and stand out from the crowd, have a new energy to go, go, go. You can live long and NOW IS THE TIME!!!!

Rebecca Oladele is a busy working woman, wife and mother of two young children. She has personally worked hard to shed the weight gained during both her pregnancies and  understands the hardships and what is required to achieve a beautiful body. She has over 15 years of exercise experience and understands that everyone is an individual. With this in mind she designs workouts specifically for YOU. Her aim is to share her knowledge, skill and experience with other women and mums battling weight gain, low energy levels and unhealthy eating as well as tackle the ongoing epidemic of child obesity through short but fun burst of energetic workouts for children. She explains that exercise alone cannot achieve wholeness inside and out, a good diet is also important as well as a positive mindset. With her Client Psychology and Motivation, Weight and Nutrition and Personal Training qualifications along with her own working skills and personal experience she can help you deal with the underlying issues and lead you to a healthier you inside and out.





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