Eczema: How Organic Clothing can help

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My youngest son is an eczema sufferer and after being prescribed various creams and emollients to help control it he still suffered flare-ups. I decided I wanted to find out more about the condition and if there was anything else I could be doing to help ease his discomfort. I first came across this type of cotton after researching on the internet and I’m so glad I did. I was surprised to find out how common eczema was and how a simple thing like changing his clothing would make a noticeable difference….

An international study found that levels of eczema sufferers in Britain are amongst the highest in the world, with around 1 in 5 children being diagnosed and 65% of those within their first year of life.

Eczema is the name given to the condition where the skin becomes itchy and inflamed. It can be so itchy that your child continually scratches which can the lead to their skin becoming infected and affecting their quality of life. Whilst there is no cure for eczema, there are ways to reduce outbreaks by avoiding common triggers such as rough clothing, chemicals or being too hot and damp.

Organic Bamboo Cotton

Many treatments aim to control the symptoms by reducing inflammation and relieving the itching.  Bamboo cotton and organic cotton clothing are thought to be particularly beneficial to children with eczema for a number of reasons:

1. Both are natural fabrics which allow the skin to breathe.

2. They are softer than standard cotton so they don’t irritate delicate skin.

3. Bamboo cotton is four times more absorbent than standard cotton helping to maintain body temperature by removing moisture from the skin.

4. Organic/Bamboo cotton is also thought to have anti-bacterial properties preventing the spread of infection.

A number of parents have found organic and bamboo cotton clothing to reduce discomfort associated with eczema, including myself.

Below are quotes from a few other parents who have tried organic cotton:


I bought a few bamboo baby grows recently and they are soooo much softer and nicer on the skin than cotton.

Bamboo has such a lovely soft feel like cashmere

I first started buying bamboo and organic clothing when my baby was suffering from an allergic rash and my GP recommended it. It seemed to help

I have been so pleased with the improvement in my baby’s skin since she has been wearing organic clothing” 


I found that not many high street stores stocked bamboo or organic cotton clothing so after finding a few companies on the internet I gave it a try. I was so impressed with the improvement of my child’s skin after he had been wearing bamboo and organic clothing that I wanted to share what I found with other parents so they can benefit too.

More and more brands are starting to add Organic ranges to their collections as more people are starting to be more conscious about helping their environment, especially as conventional
grown cotton is one of the most destructive crops grown today.


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  1. Thats very true. My son has very sensitive skin and it was recommended by our doctor to try and wear organic fabrics.
    My sister bought my son 3 of the most beautiful organic t-shirts from Australia ( He loves them as one of them have a big scooter and rocket on it!!
    Whenever he wears the organic clothing his skin is always a lot less irritated and means we need to use a lot less creme on it.