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Could this be a great new way for mums to make some extra money?

Many mums dream of having control over their daily schedule to enable them to spend more time with their children, see them reach their first milestones, watch them grow and develop or even be available to pick them up from school.  And many mums, as you know from this website, are very entrepreneurial and have a go at starting their own business to increase their family’s finances, give them a new challenge or give them the freedom to live the life they want to live.

Maybe you’re not ready to jump in and start your own business or don’t really want to, but you like the idea of having a little side line that could bring some extra money in and maybe give you some financial freedom, in a way that you can easily fit around your life. could be the answer. Sooqini is a new website launching soon that could be perfect to help people easily earn some extra income in their spare time, and this could be especially interesting to mums who may have wonderful or useful skills that they are not putting to use.

Have you recently planned your own wedding, and enjoyed the experience so much that you would love to help someone else plan theirs and pass on your knowledge and advice?

Or do you walk your dog daily and would be happy to take another fluffy friend out with you?

When you do your weekly shop would you be happy to carry some extra bags of groceries for someone who may not have much time?

And get paid for it?

It sounds like a great way to make some extra money just by doing thing that you are already doing, just doing them for someone else.

Watch this clip to find out more:


This could include anything,

For example

  • Helping someone plan their wedding or party
  • Dog walking or letting the cat out during the day
  • Doing shopping
  • Cooking some healthy meals
  • Cleaning
  • Assembling furniture
  • Providing Market Research and Mystery Shopping
  • Help with occasional home office admin duties

The possibilities are endless and there’s bound to be something that you could do well that others would pay for.

Or maybe you’re a busy mum who would like some extra help once in a while? Maybe you don’t want a cleaner but would like some help with a spring clean or a big sort out, maybe you have some items you need taking to the tip but your car’s not big enough, maybe you’re planning a dinner party and you need an extra set of hands so you can help reduce your stress levels and be able to look after your guests.

This could be the solution for you.

Lisa Smith from Peterborough says:  “I feel that the Sooqini concept can resonate with many mums like me. You can earn money doing whatever you want and work at your own time. Definitely excited about it!”


Do you think you would use to hire out your skills, time or services? Or maybe you would use it as a one off to hire someone to do the odd job around the house?

Tell us what you think in the comments below and let us  know if and what you think you could use a website like this for.


And if you’re interested in finding out more about check out their website . If you sign up today and LIKE Sooqini on Facebook there’s even a chance you could win an IPad 2!


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