Setting Up a Pamper Party Business – My First Year In Business

Article by Karen Paine

Pamper Party Fairy

I was a Primary school teacher for ten years. After the birth of my third baby three years ago, I decided to stop teaching. Everyone thinks teaching is the ideal job to fit in with children and family life. But it isn’t. A teacher’s work is truly never done…planning, marking, assessments, target setting, performance management, Christmas productions, INSET days… I still keep my hand in doing some supply, but I wanted something different. At that point I didn’t know what.

When I left the school I was given a voucher to have a beauty treatment, which was perfect as I love to be pampered. I went and had a pedicure. It was nice, but I was completely  distracted…It suddenly dawned on me that I actually was a qualified beautician, and that I could carry out treatments to fit around the family, and for a lot cheaper too as I wouldn’t have the overheads. That was in May 2010 and by the end of June the same year, the beauty business began. I don’t hang around when inspired. Sometimes being completely impulsive has its advantages.

On the ‘menu’ I offered Children’s Pamper Parties and very quickly someone booked one for their daughter. I was very nervous beforehand, not knowing whether the girls would like it,  whether all would go according to plan, but I loved it, and the girls loved it. Children’s parties ticked all the boxes for me- a bit of ‘teaching’, beauty treatments, no child care  issues…perfect. Funnily enough it was for a girl I knew from the school I taught at. I came home and said to my husband  ‘That’s it…that’s what I really want to do.’ And so Pamper Parties Oxfordshire was born…

Children's Pamper Parties Oxfordshire

In January 2011, I decided to focus on, and promote the Pamper Parties more. In all honesty I had no idea about how to run a business. It has been a steep, exciting learning curve.

The first few months were devoted to getting the company ‘out there’. I went to school events, placed cards in cafes, advertised on business listing websites, made a Facebook page and generally told anyone that would listen about the parties!

I have learnt a lot. Determined not to take out a loan, I sought to do as much of the work as possible myself. I downloaded graphic design software and designed my logo for marketing material – not an easy task for a rookie, but I soon learnt the difference between jpeg, png and svg images :)  In the design process I also learnt that there are some very lovely fairy pictures to be found, and then there are some that really don’t portray the image I am trying to reflect!!

I also made a website *puffs up with pride at this point* I used a free template and gradually worked on it. I got obsessed with SEO and Google Analytics and Webmaster. I now have 3 websites and have placed Pamper Parties Oxfordshire and Princess Parties Oxfordshire under the company name ‘The Girl’s Party Company’ giving scope for more party options in the future. I have entered the world of Twitter, Facebook pages, LinkedIn and have started Blogging.

Fairy Dust - Girls Pamper PartyI have loved seeing the business grow over the year. I went from offering one party option in the beginning, to now offering four different ones, including ‘The Princess Party’ for younger clientele. I have now pampered over a hundred little Birthday girls. I love the unforeseen opportunities that present themselves as well as the planned progression.

A mum was keen for me to teach her teenage daughter how to look after her skin and apply subtle make-up, and so ‘The Ultimate Beauty Lesson’ was born. The feedback I receive from Mums and the girls is so rewarding. I never get complacent though. I always seek to make improvements. I think that keeps a business ‘fresh’

I would say to anyone thinking of starting their own business- Go for it! Believe in yourself. Don’t let worries about practicalities or self-doubt about your own ability hinder you. Take one step at a time. Write a list of what needs doing and go for it. If one route doesn’t work, try another. If someone had told me two years ago I would have my own business, and be doing Children’s Parties, I would have laughed. I have had people tell me they think I am mad wanting to tend to a group of over-excited children. Maybe I am mad, but I am loving it.

pamper parties

So that’s been my first year. I am looking forward now to 2012 and what it may bring. I have a few ideas of my own for where I hope the business to go, but do you have any ideas for me? A party concept waiting to happen? Do Facebook, Twitter or E-mail to let me know and maybe this time next year there will be a new party…in your honour!


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  1. Well done Karen! What you have achieved is not an easy task. I wish you success with your future endeavours.

  2. Thank you Temi :)

  3. Hi, we have a lot in common! 3 kids and a background in teaching! I started working on my own business, delightful gift baskets of London last May and it has been a real rollercoaster ride! Hoping to launch the website March 1st! I am impressed you built your own website and started the blog. I have a facebook page but am looking into twitter and the blog! So much to do!! Well done you!

  4. hi Karen,
    Well done u must be so proud! Ive just been on your website very impressive! Im currently in the process of setting up my own pamper company. In your blog u mentioned u went to schools can you just explain to me how did you go about this? I had the same idea just wasnt sure if the schools would allow it. Many Thanks

  5. Hi Alesha,
    If you could email me at I will see if I can help :)

  6. Hi Satbir,
    So lovely to hear from someone with a similar background! I’d love to see your facebook page. What is it? :)

  7. Hi Karen, I think it’s a wonderful thing you have done for yourself, and all those children! I have been toying with the idea of doing this myself, I qualify from my beauty course in June. I would be very grateful if you have any tips and helpful information on how I can go about setting myself up, for example insurance etc, I am 26 from Liverpool and have always been in college or part time jobs, so this idea is very eye opening to me! I’m glad you are doing well and hope that you continue to succeed :O) Great job! xx

  8. audrey creane says:

    hi karen, i think its brillant what you have done i am thinking of setting up my own princess party business i am a qualified beautican for the past 10yrs but have only been working at it part-time and working in a shop part-time also and would like to leave it and start my own business, i was wondering could u give me any advice and also where i would order some products thanking you and the very best of luck with your own business