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Photos deserve to be used so much more than just being stuck on a shelf gathering dust (or perhaps that’s just in my house!?). Children love to look at pictures of people and places they are familiar with, which makes them a great resource to use for some fun activities. The following are just a few ideas of how you can use photos with children, but there are so many possibilities, and with digital cameras and editing software it’s easier than ever to experiment and have fun with photos.


Activity 1: Bear abroad

Toy PassportBring your child’s favourite toy to life with its own passport. This is especially good if you’re actually going on holiday somewhere yourself. Take a photo of the toy and put together a passport ready for Teddy’s travels. It’s up to you how far you go with this – you could go as far as completing an application form and ‘sending it off’. Imagine your child’s delight when an envelope arrives addressed to their toy with its very own passport!


Activity 2: Photo family tree

Show your child their place and importance in the world with a homemade family tree. On a large piece of paper simply draw or paint a tree with branches coming off and then allow your little artist to decorate it. Then together you can label and attach photos of different family members and discuss how you’re all related.


Activity 3: Seasonal snaps

Help your child understand the changing weather and seasons by taking a photo of the exact same outdoor area, whether it’s the local park or your own garden, but at different times of the year. Try and include somewhere with trees and different plants so children are able to see the changes that take place.


Activity 4: Camera cluesTreasure Hunt

Why not create your own treasure hunt for your little one by taking a series of photos from around the house or garden? Once children have identified the area, they’ll find their next picture clue to hunt for. Again, you can get creative with this and have your own pirate character and treasure chest at the end. This could also be adapted for a walk or outing – great fun, but requires a bit more preparation!


I really love photos! They’re a great way of sharing and remembering special moments, people and places. Although they’re great for toddlers and older children, standard photos aren’t particularly baby-friendly with their sharp edges, and they’re certainly no match for the mucky mitts or the dribble of a teething tot. So while I was on maternity leave with my little boy Ben I started thinking, wouldn’t it be great if you could give babies and small children photos without worrying that the pics would get covered in dribble or food or just generally destroyed? So I created Fab Rings!

Fab Rings

Fab Rings are unique, fabric photobooks that have been designed especially for babies. They are made from cotton but have a glossy, wipeable finish that makes them ideal for sharing with your little one. Fab Rings small size makes them perfect for little hands, but also allows you to take them with you on your adventures – clipping them onto buggies, shopping trolleys, changing bags or in the car.

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  1. I love your fabric pics on rings for babies to browse :-) Do you have a standard range or do whatever pics a customer sends? I’ll go and look at your website x

    I print photos (customers or ones they ask me source) onto edible icing sheets to decorate cakes and cupcakes – great for birthdays, get-well treats, …

    Good luck for your business,