How I Lost Weight with Herbalife

Article by Lesley Pretty


After I had my son last may, I wanted to lose some extra weight, I have never been that overweight but had, like most of us had always wanted to lose a few pounds. I the past I’d tried eating healthy salads, cutting out all carbs etc, but my sweet tooth was always my downfall!  So when I got pregnant I thought, well I’m going to get fat anyway, doesn’t matter if I eat chocolate!

6 months after my son was born and I was still 10 lb heavier than I wanted to be, I decided to do something about the extra pounds, so decided to try Herbalife, as I had seen how well it had worked for my sister and her friend Sally, who had both lost weight, they managed to their ideal weight and continued to keep off the weight.

Losing Weight with Herbalife

I found it suited me as there was no calorie counting, no weighing food, it wasn’t just eating lettuce and there was no starving! It was just tasty, easy and convenient and as I have a sweet tooth some of the products such as the chocolate shake and chocolate covered snack bars suited me!

The weight loss programme was so easy to do, basically have a tasty, nutritious shake for breakfast and again for lunch, these can be mixed with milk or juice and are in flavours like, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, tropical, cappuccino and cookies and cream. And then a healthy evening meal of your choice – including lots of food high in protein and limiting carbohydrates. It also allows you to have a couple of snacks in between meals. I love the Herbalife snack bars (the chocolate peanut one is rather tasty!). Also what is handy are the meal bars – these are for breakfast or lunch instead of a shake, for when you are out and about and can’t make a shake. And not forgetting to drink lots of water throughout the day.

It’s not just about the products, it is about having a healthier lifestyle in general, the Herbalife products just support this and using them is an easy way to have correct amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrition. But I have also learnt more about food, and there is a brilliant facebook group that everyone who uses Herbalife can join, and shares recipe and meal ideas. I now give great thought as to what to make for evening meals and now all the family are eating healthier.

The Herbalife products are nutritionally balanced to give your body the correct key nutrients for sustained energy, so I actually have more energy as my body is working correctly, getting what it needs to function. Having gained more energy means I now exercise more, as don’t just fall asleep in front of the TV in the evenings, I have the energy to go to Zumba classes, so am getting fitter now too!

I have been using the products ever since as part of an balanced healthy lifestyle, having just one shake a day and then healthy lunch and dinner to maintain my weight, and weigh less than before I was pregnant. And if I put on a few pounds on holiday, then it’s easy to lose them again, I just have a shake for breakfast and lunch again for a few days and the pounds drop off again!

Herbalife has changed our lives more than just losing weight and gaining energy – as myself, my sister, her friend Sally and some other mums in Chelmsford who also had great results, have all started our own businesses as Herbalife Independent wellness coach and distributors, so we share our stories with others, offer nutrition advice and support and also earn some extra income. We are all mums, some full time and some work and have found this is a business which can fit in with being a mum and also keeps us healthy!

Herbalife ProductsI wanted to share my story as I know losing those extra pounds can be a struggle and I am glad I found Herbalife, and continue to use the products to maintain my weight and to be healthy, and as it has helped me and it might be what you are looking for too. If you want to find out more, either to find out more about how Herbalife can help you lose weight, or to earn some extra income – or both!  Please get in touch and email me  or find me on Facebook, Lesley Pretty.


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