My Children Gave Me The Confidence to Start My Own Business

Article by Lea, Pink Tea Parties

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10 years ago; a very quiet, socially shy, ambitious but not career driven young lady dreamt mostly of becoming a Mum! A little bundle to pour her love upon, she had no idea how much that little bundle would change her life. Determined not to allow her precious babe to follow in her footsteps, a plan from the start to inspire her little girl to have the confidence to reach for the stars and enjoy every day.

That little girl is MY little girl!….now a beautiful 4 year old with the most amazing thoughts, so polite I could burst with pride, so loving, caring and importantly loves a social occasion. Maybe it was luck but I’d like to think that I managed to break the mould and give her a good start in life. My Husband and I have also added a gorgeous, cheeky little boy into the equation who again, is so lovely, a little more ‘busy’ but boys will be boys ;0)

Since having my gorgeous children my own confidence has rocketed beyond my own belief, there is definitely comfort and pride in knowing that you have brought two amazing children into the world, almost like nothing else matters because my Husband and I had done something so special. Before having children, staying in the house alone was scary…but now, even though there is a huge responsibility to keep them safe it just feels right. I am not afraid of the toilet flushing monster anymore when alone ;0) I will now leave that fear behind as my journey goes forward to being ‘Mummy’ and I love it.

Pink Tea PartiesWhat is it like being a Mummy in business? Well for me I am so grateful for everything that the children have given to me; that as much as it’s hard to time-keep and juggle priorities, I have this new sense of taking it step-by-step….I most definitely would not have been known for that 10 years ago! So many of my friends have noted the ‘new’ me, often being referred to as ‘super mummy’ or ‘so laid back’, now I wouldn’t personally agree with that 100% of the time…I have my ‘off’ days! Which usually include trying to leave the house to get my daughter to pre-school whilst she is jumping around asking me to help put her boots on, the little rascal boy who has normally ran to the furthest point in the house in some evil but highly amusing game against Mummy, he will then decide it’s a good time to get a fresh nappy!! Then just as I leave the house, ‘bang’ door closes….Mummy has left a million things behind…I’m sure this is a very familiar story to all you ‘morethanmummies’ out there!!

As much as it’s hard to prioritise workloads whilst caring for little ones I am also trying my best to fight the guilty thoughts ‘am I paying them enough attention’ ‘is this the right time’ and am concluding that it will be worth it….my little ones will hopefully have a Mummy that they can look up to and aspire to be like….and one day I will tell them that it was actually them that gave Mummy that much needed confidence boost…for that I will always be thankful, grateful and proud. They already had a Daddy to be proud of…here’s hoping Pink Tea Parties is a success.

butterfly cream cakesPink Tea Parties was an idea that came about early Sept 2011, my two little ones were becoming more and more independent and with the decision not to have any more the time was right for our next venture. We launched the Facebook page in Oct 2011 and since that time we have had such amazing feedback, it is so exciting. Inspired by my daughters love for Princesses and my love for beautiful creativity and baking treats, Pink Tea Parties was born. We currently offer Beautifully Elegant Tea Parties for Princesses and Ladies alike looking to celebrate their special occasion. We are mobile and cover West Berkshire and Surrounding areas, we can host at your home or in a chosen venue. Tea Party themes such as; Princess, Girly Pamper, Hen Tea, Baby Shower Tea and Milestone Birthdays.

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  1. Lovely written post. I too feel that having my children (twin boys) gave me a shot of confidence and a huge dose of reality (“why am I wasting my life in a job I hate?”) which was enough to push me into starting my own business. I’m not fully there yet (still working my notice period) but without my boys I’m sure I would never have been able to hand over that resignation letter. Good luck with your business!

  2. Wow! That was just lovely to read and very scarey how similar our story is! Although with me it’s teaching First Aid! Well done and I wish you every success with you business! :D x

  3. Fab article, it is exactly the same for me and we have similar businesses. Amazing what our children can inspire us to do. Good luck with everything x

  4. Just Tweeted your Story and how fantastic the content is and how well you have done. I can totally empathise with you xxx Hope to see you at one of our baby show, the next one is on Sunday 22nd April in Liverpool xxxxxx


    I left it till my boys were alot older to put a foot out of my comfort zone, I soo wish I’d done it earlier as I think you are right. It’s good to have the children look towards you as a role model and in their eyes up until now my role has been ‘Mum does nothing’.

    Good luck with your venture, I’m sure your rascal, princess and other half are all very proud of you x