My New Career With The Pampered Chef

Article by Sam Doherty

The Pampered Chef Independent Consultant

My name is Sam and I just wanted to share my story with you of how my career with The Pampered Chef has changed my life for the better!  If somebody had said to me two years ago that I could stand on a stage in front of a couple of hundred people and quite frankly not be terrified I would have laughed in their face!! This is how it all started…

After selling the public house I ran with my husband I used to dabble in crafts and jewellery trying to earn some extra pennies.   I found I was spending more than I was earning so I decided I wanted a job. My qualifications were out of date, I had no experience other than our pub and I had three kids at home who were 7, 3 and 1.  I needed something to fit around them, my busy life as a Mum and my husband’s new work.

A friend had started her own business with The Pampered Chef and said if I was looking for part time work that would fit around my life I should come along to a team meeting at which point I just laughed and said no chance! No way …as the thought of talking to a group of people terrified me and I had never sold anything like that before. But she kept on and so I gave in.

I remember talking to my husband and saying something like ‘I am only going for a freebie and to keep her quiet’….how wrong I was.  I was warmly welcomed and made to feel at home straight away. I was not sure what I had been expecting but I found myself joining in and asking questions and to be honest it was just great being out of the house and spending time with some fellow women!! Don’t get me wrong I love my kids but a bit of ‘me’ time is always good!

On the way home in the car my friend explained the in’s and out’s and I found myself thinking…maybe I can do this. I sat down and spoke to my husband and he agreed to help where he could and support me if it was what I wanted to do. The way The Pampered Chef set out their new starter programme I actually had nothing to lose by giving it a go so I took the plunge and joined in February 2010.

I should probably fill you in on the company just in case you who haven’t heard of us!! The Pampered Chef was born in America in 1980 and has been in the UK since 1999. We hold Cooking Shows at people’s homes and demonstrate cookware and kitchen gadgets through a cooking demonstration. The shows are interactive and they are lots of fun.


I had my first Cooking Show lined up and was so nervous I had to have a glass of wine at the lady’s house! I decided not to tell them it was my first show and just went for it. I forgot the word ‘knife’ and had to hold one up waving it in the air saying ‘this cuts things’. I forgot a couple of steps in the recipe even though it is written down and I could feel myself getting hot and sweaty with nerves!

I hid in the kitchen to do my washing up and was thinking I had made a huge mistake when the ladies started coming in with their order forms. They all told me what a fun evening it had been and that they couldn’t wait to taste the recipe we had made. There were 8 guests and they spent over £300!! I also got two bookings for the following month!! The recipe came out of the oven and looked amazing and the hostess was over the moon with the discounts and free products she had received for hosting a Show.

I left on a high and from that point on there was no stopping me. My confidence grew with every show and a few months into the business I remember talking to the rest of our team at one of our meetings about an upcoming offer and it hit me that I wasn’t scared to talk in front of people anymore!!  Such an amazing feeling!

The way the business works means you are your own boss and you work when it suits you, so I have still been to every school play, harvest festival and sports day. I didn’t need babysitters and I have to say having a supportive partner really helped as he was happy to do the kid’s bedtime while I went out to work. I decided from the start I only wanted to work one night a week and for the first few months that worked out perfectly. I then got the bug and started doing an extra Show here and there.

I was earning between £200-400 a month which was great for the amount of time I was spending at work and to be honest the Shows are so much fun it doesn’t really feel like work! I then decided to step it up again and start to build a team and as I write this I am now a Director within the company and have a fabulous team of ladies and gentlemen!

Joining The Pampered Chef has not only allowed me to be my own boss and work as and when I choose but it has provided me with a real income that has made a difference to our lives. We went on our first ever family holiday last year and I have whisked my husband away to our favourite haunt, Jersey, with an incentive the company held last year for holiday vouchers. I have also filled my kitchen full of products, made lots of amazing new friends and developed my skills in the kitchen.

Sam, Independent Pampered Chef ConsultantThis January I went on stage at our Leadership Conference to receive recognition for promoting to Director and I have to say the feeling was one I will never forget. The main thing that this business has done for me is boost my confidence beyond belief and I feel more assertive, confident and proud of my business with The Pampered Chef.

We are always looking for new recruits so please do feel free to look at my website and contact me if you would like to become a part of this amazing team. The job is amazingly flexible and fits perfectly alongside current jobs and commitments.


My website is where you will find all of my contact details…hope to hear from you soon !!


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