The Yummy Mummies Guide to a Firmer, Flatter Stomach

Article by Rebecca Oladele

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If I had a £1 for every time a client Said to me “I wish my stomach would go down”, “I want a flatter stomach” “If I could just firm up my wobbly bit” I would be an extremely wealthy lady!!!!

Many of us dream of a nice firm, flat stomach but we need not just dream about it! With hardworking, determination and consistency we can tone up and flatten those mummy bellies.

Flatter Abs

How do I go about this I hear you say! Well it is certainly NOT by doing 100s of crunches a day that is for sure. It is a balance between a good diet and the right exercise that will take you towards your goal. If you have a apple shape body you are most likely to store your fat around the abdominal area and therefore need to be even more conscious of what goes in your body and how physically active you are!

So here are a few tips to get you started on your journey to firmer, flatter abdominals:

Firstly; cut out the refined foods, sugar, fizzy drinks and excessive amounts of junk food! Ouch! Well how serious are you? Sometimes we need to make sacrifices to reach our goals. Refined foods and junk foods contain high levels of fat and sugar and these are big causes of belly fat. You may think you are buying low fat foods but how much sugar is in them? It is these hidden sugars that you need to look out for. Foods such as cakes, biscuits, sauces and fizzy drinks are high in sugar and do nothing to help flatten your belly instead they may make you look four months pregnant!

Secondly; get physical. Cardio is excellent for burning fat and flattening your tummy. “I hate running” I hear you say. Well there are several forms of cardiovascular exercises you can do, and that means no excuses! So why not try skipping or jogging/running or circuit style workouts or kickboxing or swimming, to name a few? You will feel better for it and you will notice a difference in your stomach too.

Remember your stomach did not get big and wobbly over night so do not expect it to go flat and firm overnight either! Take daily steps towards achieving to your goal and watch the transformation you will receive inside and out.

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Until next time stay fit and healthy.


A little bit more about Rebecca and Fit2Sparkle

Fit2sparkle was birthed by Rebecca Oladele who has such a strong passion for fitness and for helping women and children achieve the confidence, self esteem, zest for life, good health, happiness and strength they need to live life to the full. You can overcome bad habits, you can fight the bulge, you can take control of your life, you can be happy, healthy and fit. You can begin to SPARKLE again, shine, glow and stand out from the crowd, have a new energy to go, go, go. You can live long and NOW IS THE TIME!!!!

Rebecca Oladele is a busy working woman, wife and mother of two young children. She has personally worked hard to shed the weight gained during both her pregnancies and  understands the hardships and what is required to achieve a beautiful body. She has over 15 years of exercise experience and understands that everyone is an individual. With this in mind she designs workouts specifically for YOU. Her aim is to share her knowledge, skill and experience with other women and mums battling weight gain, low energy levels and unhealthy eating as well as tackle the ongoing epidemic of child obesity through short but fun burst of energetic workouts for children. She explains that exercise alone cannot achieve wholeness inside and out, a good diet is also important as well as a positive mindset. With her Client Psychology and Motivation, Weight and Nutrition and Personal Training qualifications along with her own working skills and personal experience she can help you deal with the underlying issues and lead you to a healthier you inside and out.


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  1. Thanks for this Rebecca, I really do need to take your advice if I want to shift those love handles. Post-pregnancy excuses no longer work now that my son is four. Your advice is always a great boost…keep up the good work in helping us sparkle. xx