An Interview with…BubbaBooBits

Laura from BubbaBooBits was the winner of our Valentine’s Card Voting Competition with this lovely card:

Valentines Card - Be Mine Valetine

All the entries were fabulous and show off the skills of some very talented and creative mums! Here’s a little bit more about our winner…

Tell us a little bit about you and your business.

My name is Laura and my business “BubbaBooBits” is craft based. I specialise in cards, scrapbooks and paper craft but I also venture into the odd bit of jewellery and charm making. I’m a married mum of 2 and have always had a keen interest in creative jobs. I studied art and design at college which led to a career in window dressing and eventually a home design advisor in a department store, which I do on a part time basis. The serious crafting came about after my friend gave me a scrapbook album for my sons christening. That and card making became a passion and I found myself doing it for family and friends. The creative freedom and ability to fit into my time with children made me look at it as a potentially fantastic job.


What made you decide to start BubbaBooBits?

Black and Silver Wedding Table PlansMaking the odd card for friends was fun and I always love a challenge. I’ve worked on magazine and store design teams and always enjoyed being given a brief to work with. I decided that having had my children and now having them at school meant I was ready for that challenge again. Having a limited amount of hours with my employer meant I also would have a more flexible time to work with and time to focus.


Where are you based?  

I’m based in Bushey, Hertfordshire. I’m currently taking up the whole dining table but hope to move into my garage/ office in the early summer!


What made you decide on the name ‘BubbaBooBits

The name originated from my children’s baby pet names. Emma was called “Bubba” and Andrew was called “Boo”. All the “bits” of crafting was original inspired by them and so the name came about. I also thought it sounded fun and quite memorable.


What’s your favourite or most popular item that you sell?

My favourite product has got to be the scrapbooks. This is an album with photograph’s, decoration and journaling about the moment.  You can really put you heart and soul into it and feel like you are getting a real insight into the person the albums for. I’ve done a few as hen weekend gifts. You get a twenty page album and fill the first 17 pages with the life of the bride-to-be. From baby, little girl, teenager through to woman. Usually with a selection of funny/memorable moments supplied by the family and hens. The final 3 pages have premade pages ready to add the hen do and wedding photo. It’s a real ice breaker on a hen weekend. They are also fantastic for babies, weddings, anniversary, birthday and memorials.  The scrapbooks are a way of telling your story. Something that your future generations can look through and know the story behind the photo.

Personalised Album


What are the best things about running your own business?

Freedom ultimately has to be the best thing- on every level! I’ll be able to work when it suits. If the kids are ill I can fit it in where work hours couldn’t. I also have the freedom to choose my product and get the pleasure from making it.


What are the worst?

I haven’t been doing it long enough to have a worst yet!  But I can imagine that doing it for yourself puts you in the firing line if things don’t happen the way you plan.


Any memorable stories from running your own business or clients that have been really happy with their purchase?

Personalised Baby Girl CardA close friend asked me to design a new baby card for their daughter. She’s very good at giving a specific theme. This one was based on the new parents being in the Territorial Army! The end result was a washing line of pink camouflage baby clothes. A few months late I met the new parents and their daughter whist sledging with my friend.  I realised who she was and introduced myself and had a lovely conversation about how much they loved the card!


What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

I still love to make cards and scrapbook. But spending time with my lovely kids and husband and catching a good film or book is a great alternative!


Bespoke Framed Baby PhotoWhat advice would you give to other mums thinking about starting up their own business?

Don’t be afraid to shout about what you do. It’s not in my nature to do it but the competition and Facebook made me realise you need to tell people what you do. I had to start saying “Look at what I do!” “Tell your friends about me!” Otherwise nobody knows about you and your skills.


What plans do you have for BubbaBooBits in the future?

I would love to see the scrapbook side of things take off- it’s huge in America but not so well known here. It’s also a lovely way of getting to know your customer. My long term plan is to look into making a card club. I want people to be able to visit my site and create a birthday book on line. If they subscribe then they would be sent a reminder for each birthday entry and get sent out a personalised handmade card. It would save them time and effort whilst ensuring the recipient gets an extra special and unique card. Perfect for busy mums with enough to do!


Where can we find your products?

You can follow my blog

And my face book page

You can buy my products here

Sweet Cones - Party Favours 

What made you decide to enter our competition?

I’m very much at the early stages with BubbaBooBit’s. Up until the competition I hadn’t really got myself out there. A friend directed me to the site and the opportunity to show myself to a wider audience had to be jumped at.


How did you feel when you found out you had won?

I was over the moon as it was a very tight thing!!  Everyone’s entries were fantastic and all offering something different. To everyone who voted- a HUGE thank you!


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