An Interview with…TELTTOO


Tell us a little bit about you and your business.

My name is Verónica Domínguez. I am an almost 35 year old mummy of two beautiful little girls aged 6 and 4. Me and two school friends of mine, mummies of 5 more children, decided last year to start-up TELTTOO, an on-line business where you can customised decals, temporary tattoos, for the safety of your loved ones.

We wanted an on-line business so that we could run it but still spend time with our families, which is our priority.

TELTTOO is sold in templates of 45 decals customised by you with important information to the person wearing it and the person applying it, such as telephone numbers or other contact details, allergies or dietary requirements, etc.

With TELTTOO it never gets lost!

What made you decide to start TELTTOO?

Having children changes your life, they turn it upside down, everything is new, and it feels hectic for a while. Especially for us mummies that still need to work, take care of the house, husband, family, and themselves (although… we are always last choice….). But the baby phase isn’t the worst part! They do cry, they do not sleep, they are demanding but… however you are in control!

But…What happens when they start their own lives? “Mummy I have a birthday party” “Mummy, school is taking us to the zoo” “Mummy in summer I want to go to summer camp with Pam” “Mummy I play football on Saturday” and so on, and on….

I started to panic! What if something happens? What if they need help? Will they remember my mobile phone number? They know it by heart, but, in a stressful situation, will they still remember it? My best friend son is allergic to some foods, will he remember? Will he be able to express it?

This is why TELTTOO was born. We needed and easy and fun solution for our children to become happily independent! TELTTOO was born from the need of parents to feel safer by knowing that in case of any problems, their children, with a simple gesture of pointing at their TELTTOO, can ask for help and parents can be contacted quickly on their mobile phone.

WITH TELTTOO I NEVER GET LOST! Now, every time I go with them to fairs, amusement parks, shopping centres, to the beach or every time they are on their own, they can always ask for help in an easy, convenient and fun way! And what it is more important is that we have discovered that children gain in confidence and self-esteem when they know that if they need to call mummy it’s easy as they just need to point their wrist. This gives them a feeling of security and so they are happier to stay at a friend’s house or on their own at an activity, etc…

Where are you based?

We are Spanish and we are based in Spain although TELTTOO is Global and we ship worldwide! Delivery is made by the Spanish postal service “Correos”. Delivery rates are based upon product and destination and are automatically added to your order.

What made you decide on the name ‘TELTTOO’?

It was actually my husband who suggested it and we thought it was perfect!

What’s your favourite/most popular item that you sell*?

TELTTOO is sold in templates of 45 decals. My favourite part is deciding what colour or icon/image to choose. Children love them! We have crowns, suns, ghosts…. It is so easy and fun to complete your orders.


What are the best things about running your own business?

Freedom! Flexibility! As I said before, we wanted to be able to spend as much time as possible raising our children and we did not want to have to miss anything, any bit! Life is so demanding already so we decided to run our own on-line business and I am so happy we did.

What are the worst?

The worst part is that it never closes, but we are three partners so we organize ourselves and share the work. It is not that bad.

Any memorable stories from running your own business?

We have a CUSTOMIZED TELTTOO section for special orders that do not fit in the standard template of 15×3 TELTTOOS so we have ended  up creating beautiful temporary tattoos for adults as well! Family events, parties, corporate gifts…. When we launched TELTTOO we did not think of this part! It was a fantastic surprise!!

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

Sports and travelling with my family, reading, going to the cinema… relaxing all together!!

What advice would you give to other mums thinking about starting up their own business or that have an idea that they would like to pursue?

Go for it!!!! And GOOD LUCK!!

What plans do you have for TELTTOO in the future?

As said ready for new wonderful surprises, we will see….

Where can we find your products?

Our products are available at It is easy fun and we offer secure and easy payments. Also, please follow TELTTOO on facebook, twitter…!/TELTTOO @TELTTOO


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  1. What a brilliant idea. I will definitely be looking into this and recommending it to friends.