Juggling a Full Time Job and a New Business

Article by Eva Jaber


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We all love a bit of sparkle in our lives and I’m not talking about the relationship type!  I’m talking about the positive energy one gets from focusing on something they absolutely love doing!

I recently started my own business customising many items with Swarovski crystals from footwear to leisurewear to make them look all nice and sparkly.

How many of you out there like myself are stuck in a mundane job?

I’ve been stuck in a dull job which I’ve hated for many years but couldn’t do anything about it as, for some reason or other, it simply wasn’t the right time for me to make any changes or take chances as I had two little kiddies.

Now I’m in my late 40’s I decided it is time make some changes and  focus on something positive that I enjoy doing and, I can honestly say, that since I started Crystal Touch I have been the happiest I’ve ever been, apart from when my kids were born!

Even though I decided to start my own business the thought of taking such a chance and give up my day job was too risky especially as I am supporting my daughter who is at University and my youngest is still at school, not to mention the financial burden of a mortgage.  It was simply too risky to just give up a regular income so I decided to pursue my venture and keep my day job at the same time. The idea is to eventually give up my day job and concentrate totally on Crystal Touch.

I am at the moment juggling all my different roles, during the day I work as an advertising officer and evenings and weekends I am busy being a mum and running the business.  My life at the moment is very busy and hectic but fortunately I am a very organised person which really helps when you are juggling priorities and switching from one role to another.

I am facing a real challenge at the moment, multi-tasking non stop is very tiring and at times I feel that perhaps I have taken on too much but then I stop to think that the company is going from strength to strength and eventually by the end of the year my plan is to give up my day job and be able to concentrate fully on Crystal Touch. This thought simply motivates me to my fullest and gives me a lovely feeling of excitement and pleasure. That truly must be a sign to carry on!

Nonetheless, I know I’m superwoman but even I need some time to rest so I put my thinking cap on and decided to offer my daughter Layla, who was in fact looking for a Saturday job, some extra money to work for me.  I have trained her to do some of the more simple orders she also helps with the despatch side of things.  The arrangement is working well and she is happy earning the extra money. It is also giving her skills that she can use later on in life.

Recently over the past month or so the business is getting busier and busier so I now have my partner helping out too which alleviates some of the pressure from me, he helps with designing the templates. When we take on bespoke orders, for example we personalise items, so to get an exact font or name looking good needs to be designed and that is where Tim comes in, of course he gets a small wage too.


My eldest daughter cannot really help too much as she is at University but she does support me by taking care of the social media side of things.  I focus mainly on marketing and promotion.

At the start of Crystal Touch I was doing everything and I could cope with it because orders were few and far between but now orders are coming in all the time I had to find a solution and get help and fortunately for me my family are happy to be involved.

All I can say to anybody who is thinking of starting their own business whether it be home-based, large, small or a sideline, don’t give up pursue your idea if it gives you that happy exciting feeling inside then always listen to your inner self and just do it!

This venture has totally been the making of me as I absolutely love it and hopefully Crystal Touch will continue to grow for many years to come.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article and I wish you all the best of luck.

Eva, X





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  1. Keep hanging on Eva, I have every faith you’ll get there in the end. I did it the other way round and quit the day job first and it is really, really hard not knowing how you’ll make the next mortgage payment.

  2. hello i understand completely what you are doing and how much of a struggle it is as i am doing the exact same thing tho my two children are to young to help properly as they are both in primary school tho they do like bagging orders up and planning new designs for my soap range i suppose it dosnt help as i work shifts and they are different from one week to anouther i always thought i was organised till recently and i have figured i am not as organised as i thought so any tips anyone may have would be greatly appreiciated,
    I have looked at your things and think they are great i also have a face book page sweet scents soaps based in worksop
    keep up the fantastic work and good luck for the future x

  3. You know what, this is the bloody best thing i’ve read i weeks!!! I am totally inspired now! I have been chatting the hind leg off my husband about a business idea i’ve had floating around my head for months. Ive done nothing about it but talk because I have a full time job and a baby, how could I possible make the change??! Well, you have…I can!! Im going to make an appointment with the bank to talk all things small business first thing tomorrow!!!
    I wont be able to sleep tonight for the excitement!!
    Thank you Crystal Touch, you’ve just bejazzled my life! :-) xxx

  4. Hi Eva,
    I am really inspired by the creative way you are getting help with your business, good for you! My children are 6 and 7 and I am running two businesses, fruit nation is web support and start-up and is just getting off the ground, I also have been a massage therapist for 18 years or so. I also run a business network, and do the web stuff and posters for watford filmhouse. I blooming love all of this, but I am having to learn to manage my time better!