The Best Advice Your Mother Gave You

As part of our Celebrating Mother’s Day we would love for you to share the best piece of advice your mother gave you, please see the bottom of the page for how to get involved.

Here is the advice our shared so far:


From Tea&Biscotti,

The best advice my mum ever gave me (and still does often) is that life is not rehearsal, this is the show, act it out as thought its the opening night, you’ll never get another chance!  Its her moto and she reminds me of it all the time, when I’m dithery and indecisive, procrastinating and lazy. When I think of her saying this it always spurs me on and gives me the enthusiasm and encouragement to achieve my goals – it/she hasn’t failed yet and I love her for it! I’ve already started telling this to my daughter and I hope she finds as much strength from it as I have.


From Rhiannon Legge,

The best advice my mum gave me growing up was never to lie, it always means you have to tell another lie to cover up the first one and a bigger one to cover up the next and so on and on until you have told so many lies you are not sure of the truth yourself anymore. Lying never gets you anywhere but in trouble. Even today I tell my children the same and hate liying with a passion, there is just no need for them even the small ones, tell the truth and face the music, its over much quicker that way!


From Katie,

The best piece of advice my mother gave me was to always be myself no matter what and if people didn’t like me for who I am then they are not worth knowing!


From Sally, Dorothy & Theodore.

The best piece of advice my mother told me was: To trust my instincts.  We are always second guessing ourselves based on what others say, whether we mean to or not.  My mum taught me to trust my instincts and that advice has been invaluable in every challenge parenthood has presented, from poorly little ones to choosing wallpaper for their bedrooms!


From Jill,

I think the best piece of advice my mum gave me was ‘stop wasting your time worrying about what anyone one else thinks and just be yourself and do what you want to do’. Which has been a great lesson as worrying about being judged by others can certainly hold you back and I really don’t want to have any regrets! The other thing she always told me was ‘don’t lend anything unless you’re prepared not to get it back’.


From Sarah Kay, Lancashire

My mother always told me to never rely on a man and keep some independence. Even though I have a wonderful husband I feel proud that I am able to support myself, and this makes me more confident in myself and also in my marriage as I am in it because I want to be and not because I am finacially tied.


Jessica from

The best advice my mother gave me is about business ” to do what you love “ and sometimes you may have to step out of the “comfort zone” to  realise your full potential. My mother owns a hair salon in Sydney,  Australia  Every day I try to step away from the comfort zone and she was so right . Mothers are always right .



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  1. My Mum always told me “Just do it! Or you will spend your life wondering what if!”
    My Gran however said “Men make important decisions (who runs the country, do we go to war) Women make unimportant decisions (what will we eat? do we have clothes? Is the house clean and warm? Are the children educated!) I learnt very quickly where the balance of power lay!

  2. One of my mum’s more amusing nuggets was ‘never trust a man who wears tight trousers’! :D

  3. My mumma taught me of you have got nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all, especially when it’s you and your hubby having a tiff

  4. On my first day of uni (my first real test of being away from home), my Mum told me to choose one day of the week to do the bulk of my washing, like my towels, bedding etc. It has stuck with me ever since…and if you’re wondering, my laundry day has always been a Monday:)