The Yummy Mummies Guide to a Back Fat Free, Toned Back

Article by Rebecca Oladele

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When was the last time you wore a strappy dress comfortably or a low cut back dress? When was the last time you wore a bra or a nice fitted top without having layers and rolls of fat hanging out from it? It may have been decades ago, it may have been before the children, before the marriage, before you hit 30 or even never!!! Alas, do not fear, help is at hand and it is never too late to whip yourself back into shape. A few changes, some hardwork and determination and some steering in the right direction is all it takes to make steps in the right direction.

Yes this is my back, nice isn’t it? Toned, firm, fat free….. Would you like a back like mine? Well it did not happen by magic so stop dreaming and get doing.

So let’s get started!

Start with some regular cardiovascular exercises; 20-60 minutes, 3-5 times a week. There are so many exercises that we do not have any excuses at all yummy mummies!!!! Take the kids to the park and play football, catch, skipping or cycle with them, you are sure to get a great cardio workout then. Take the kids swimming and get your cardio in that way. Walk the kids to school daily or to the shops, better still go to the gym or a class or go dancing. The key is to do something!!!

Doing regular cardio exercise will banish fat not just in your back but everywhere. Blasting the fat through cardio exercise will then enable you to do exercises to tone and define your back and the effect will be a lot more apparent to you and everyone else around you!

Push ups for a toned backAlthough push ups are mainly for the chest and the triceps the movement of pressing all the way down and pushing yourself all the way up is excellent for toning and defining the upper back.


And performing rows whether that be single arm rows or bent over rows or just using a rowing machine, tones and sculpts your back perfectly. Grab some dumbbells hold them with your palms facing inwards, keep your stomach tight and back straight but bent forward. Let your arms hang straight down with a slight bend in your elbows and row both dumbbells up by bending at your elbows. Keep going until your elbows are level with your back and then slowly lower them back down to the starting point. Why not try doing various kinds of rows so that you can sculpt your upper and mid back muscles for an all over back sculpt.

Toning up the backIf you are at the gym why not add the lat pulldown to your workout. This exercise devlops the width of the back, sculpting and toning as well as strengthening.

Deadlifts are another great exercise to sculpt the lean, sexy back you desire. It can be done at home or in the gym. It mimicks picking up your child from the floor and lifting them up. Stand facing the barbell or dumbbells with legs slightly apart and stomach muscles squeezed in. Then bend the knees and grab the weight, raise the weight keeping stomach squeezed in and slide the weight up the shins and straighten the legs till weight is resting on your thighs. If you do not have any weights, use your baby, your baby will giggle and you will have a stronger, firmer back and arms too!!

So there you have it. Start your journey today and get that firm, fat free back you desire.


For more tips and for help in sculpting that lean back contact me by visiting my website and let me help you on your journey.

Until next time stay fit and healthy and keep being the yummy mummies you are destined to be.


A little bit more about Rebecca and Fit2Sparkle

Fit2sparkle was birthed by Rebecca Oladele who has such a strong passion for fitness and for helping women and children achieve the confidence, self esteem, zest for life, good health, happiness and strength they need to live life to the full. You can overcome bad habits, you can fight the bulge, you can take control of your life, you can be happy, healthy and fit. You can begin to SPARKLE again, shine, glow and stand out from the crowd, have a new energy to go, go, go. You can live long and NOW IS THE TIME!!!!

Rebecca Oladele is a busy working woman, wife and mother of two young children. She has personally worked hard to shed the weight gained during both her pregnancies and  understands the hardships and what is required to achieve a beautiful body. She has over 15 years of exercise experience and understands that everyone is an individual. With this in mind she designs workouts specifically for YOU. Her aim is to share her knowledge, skill and experience with other women and mums battling weight gain, low energy levels and unhealthy eating as well as tackle the ongoing epidemic of child obesity through short but fun burst of energetic workouts for children. She explains that exercise alone cannot achieve wholeness inside and out, a good diet is also important as well as a positive mindset. With her Client Psychology and Motivation, Weight and Nutrition and Personal Training qualifications along with her own working skills and personal experience she can help you deal with the underlying issues and lead you to a healthier you inside and out.


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