How to…Throw a Jubilee Party!

Article by Sally Hall

2012 is a big year for our wonderful country.  2012 will be the third time that London hosts the Olympics, having already hosted it in 1908 and 1948, and we all wait in a state of excited anticipation to see what the organising committee has in store.

And it is of course the Diamond Jubilee this year, an event which surely warrants celebrations which are on, at least a par with those held up and down the country for the Royal Wedding last year.

HRH Elizabeth II came to the throne on 06 April 1952 and her coronation took place on 02 June 1953.   This year, an extended weekend on the 2, 3, 4 and 5 June is planned to allow us all time to celebrate.

Never ones to miss an opportunity for a party, the Dorothy & Theodore team are in full planning mode for ‘Dolly and Teddy Bear Picnic Parties’ in their local area.  Below are our top five tips for planning the perfect party for all the family, so crack open the bubbly (champers for the adults and soda-stream for the children), dust down the games and tuck into the cupcakes.  It is for the Queen after all!!

  1.  Decide on your date and venue and get any permissions you may need from local landowners.  In our experience, the local farmer or school are more than happy to help out providing you promise to clear up after yourselves or how about the village hall, local park or even someone’s back garden.
  2. Delegate!  Ask everyone to bring something, be it a plate of sandwiches, packet of crisps, an outdoor game to play or some decorations.  We have some fabulous bunting at which would instantly brighten up any field strung between 2 trees or across a hedge.  People will enjoy feeling involved and you will enjoy the event all the more if you don’t feel like you are responsible for everything.
  3. Send out your invites.  At D & T we are traditionalists when it comes to this sort of thing, but you can of course use text, facebook or email.  If you prefer the good old fashioned way, there are some invite templates at which are free to download and print. Be sure to include any instructions such as bring a bottle, don’t forget the crisps and even bring your wellies!  Remember, it is England after all!  No need to cancel for the rain – embrace it!!
  4. Plan, plan, plan!  Ensure you have plenty of activities to keep everyone busy.  Pass the parcel, musical statues or decorate your own crown, parent and child and family races, and how about fancy dress for all!  Think how many splendid looking Royals you could have in one place!
  5. Indulge and enjoy.  Parties of any kind are no time for being reserved.  Enjoy some delicious cupcakes, great company and lots of fun and games, and you can guarantee that everyone else will too and that your community will have a party to remember for years to come.

Sally Hall is co-owner of  An online shopping boutique filled with beautiful, stylish and yet still practical products for parent and child.  Take a look at the site for all your party needs including bunting, cupcakes and gifts.

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