A Yummy Mummies Guide to Renewed Energy and Youthful Appearance

Article by Rebecca Oladele



We all know how much our bodies and lives change once we have children. Everything is manic, sometimes chaotic and we are always in a hurry to get the children to school, wash the baby bottles whilst the baby sleeps, do some cooking, laundry and ironing all at the same time. We have little or no time to get our hair done even less to exercise to get our pre pregnancy bodies back. We only have a few moments to grab a quick bite in between the baby napping or housework or work, school runs and more. So where is the time to get a tasty and nutritious meal in us! Life as we know it has changed. We are no longer important, our hair is a mess, bags under our eyes, the weight has piled on and the sparkle gone. The children are now priority and we have our partners, the home and for a lot of women now a job/business is another part of our busy schedules.

In all this chaos, hussle and bussle can we ever regain our youthful looks? Our pre-pregnancy figures? Our once energetic self? The answer is well and truly YES!!! If you want it bad enough then you can. It is not going to be easy and there are no miracle cures (Unless you want to spend 1000s of pounds on nips, tucks, botox and lipo) but it can be done.

Women are the queens of multi tasking, organising and prioritising. It is time to include yourself in the equation and make the time for you, prioritise and organise YOU. If we don’t look after ourselves then how can we truly look after our loved ones, how can we be proactive at work or in business and how can we get the energy we need to fulfil the hundreds of roles we have? Let’s take a look at some simple, time saving tips to get you on your way.

Firstly; drink water. This does not take up any extra time. Swap sodas and juice for water, simple!!! It is the little things that make a big difference. Water helps to flush out nasty toxins, improve circulation and blood flow. This in turn helps to enhance your health, increase the energy you have been lacking for so long and restore your youthful, radiant complexion. Just what we want, right ladies?

Secondly; Eat more fruit and veg. Eating right helps keep you healthy inside and out, helps eliminate that sluggish, bloated feeling, constipation and generally helps you feel more energetic.  It does not take any extra time to get healthier food on your shopping trips and eating healthy does not have to be time consuming. When you are hungry, it
is just as easy to grab a banana or apple and eat it as it is a packet of crisps or chocolate so go for the fruit instead!!! Short on time? Instead of processed food or fast food that is full of fat, salt and several other unhealthy ingredients why not have a salad for lunch? Most supermarkets now have pre cut/washed vegetables so it is time saving, easy for you to open the packets and make a nice, quick, healthy salad full of vegetables you like. Add some prawns, tuna, chicken or egg to your salad to give you the protein you need to keep you fuller for longer. Nice and easy right?

Thirdly; Exercise. Yes I know you are short on time but everyone has 10 minutes right? If you can grab a couple of ten minute slots a day or even just one then try doing the following for a FULL body workout that gets you burning fat, toning up those wobbly bits, feeling stronger, more confident and full of energy. They require little time, minimal space and no equipment!!!



1. Star jumps

2. Jog on the spot

3. Knee highs

4. Walking or stationary lunges

5. Punches across the body

6. Squats to alternating front kick

7. Press ups

8. Burpees

9. Plank

10. Reverse crunches

There you have it, a few tips that do not affect your time and help restore your youth, health, body and give you a spring in your step. I hope you will begin or continue your journey towards a fitter, stronger and more confident you because you deserve it!!!!


If you need help along the way feel free to visit my website www.fit2sparkle.co.uk for products and services to help you get fit n sparkle.


A little bit more about Rebecca and Fit2Sparkle

Fit2Sparkle LogoFit2sparkle was birthed by Rebecca Oladele who has such a strong passion for fitness and for helping women and children achieve the confidence, self esteem, zest for life, good health, happiness and strength they need to live life to the full. You can overcome bad habits, you can fight the bulge, you can take control of your life, you can be happy, healthy and fit. You can begin to SPARKLE again, shine, glow and stand out from the crowd, have a new energy to go, go, go. You can live long and NOW IS THE TIME!!!!

Rebecca Oladele is a busy working woman, wife and mother of two young children. She has personally worked hard to shed the weight gained during both her pregnancies and  understands the hardships and what is required to achieve a beautiful body. She has over 15 years of exercise experience and understands that everyone is an individual. With this in mind she designs workouts specifically for YOU. Her aim is to share her knowledge, skill and experience with other women and mums battling weight gain, low energy levels and unhealthy eating as well as tackle the ongoing epidemic of child obesity through short but fun burst of energetic workouts for children. She explains that exercise alone cannot achieve wholeness inside and out, a good diet is also important as well as a positive mindset. With her Client Psychology and Motivation, Weight and Nutrition and Personal Training qualifications along with her own working skills and personal experience she can help you deal with the underlying issues and lead you to a healthier you inside and out.


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  1. Sarah Williams says:

    Great advice! I’m currently trying to lose weight for a holiday next month, it’s the first time we’ve been awat since i had my baby 18 months ago and i feel really self concious. Just wondered what a realistic weight loss is in 4 weeks? I’d love to lose a stone but haven’t had much success so far!

    The exercise tips are perfect for my busy life and will try to do them once a day or more if possible.

    Thank you, Sarah

  2. Some great advice here. I have had all my babies now and followed these similar tips to get my pre-baby figure back. It’s really much easier than we think. Thanks