The Importance of a Professional Newborn Photographer and Photo Shoot

Article by Leandri Perry

Professional Newborn Photographer

Once you have given birth to your bundle of joy – all you want to do is share the news, right?

You now have access to so many channels – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more, but do you have the right photographer and do you shoot your baby at the right age?

Did you know that for many years the preferred age for babies to be photographed was 3 months and that Newborn photography has only been around for a number of years?

Not many people are aware of the benefits of Newborn Photo shoot, so, if you are having any doubts about whether your newborn is ready for a shoot or not, here are some interesting facts:

  • In the early stages, most babies tend to be in a much deeper and longer sleep than older babies
  • Within the first 2 weeks of being born, they still have the fetal position, which means, putting them into different poses are far more easier
  • You tend to capture all the tiny detail than you forget over time.  Those tiny toes, perfect little hands, hair detail, eyelashes, lips, you name it!
  • Newborn photo shoots tend to last between 3-4 hours at the most, this gives enough time to feed, burp, sooth and put baby to sleep.  Once baby is fast asleep, the snapping can begin.
  • Like myself, the majority of Newborn Photographers tend either set up their studio at home or do it as a mobile business.  In this case, you are in a nice, cozy, warm environment, so no more shooting in a empty, cold room with white walls
  • Photographers that specialize in Newborns, tend to put a lot of effort into the types of shots they take, the variety of poses and also the different types of props they use.  This is very time consuming, which means there isn’t a set time when the shoot should be over, so no rushing to get the next customer in

Newborn Photography

Ok, so now you ready to for your newborn to have their photo shoot but not sure how to choose a photographer, I can give you the following tips:

  • When choosing your Photographer, always make sure they have got experience in working with babies.
  • Ensure you know what’s to expect and what your package has to offer you. Ask questions about how many images you get on a disk, if you will be able to print these yourself, if not, how much will prints cost, etc.  Many photographers tend to ask a Minimum charge for the photo shoot, but when it comes to choosing the pictures that you love, they end up asking you an arm and a leg – always ask before you book.
  • Send the photographer examples of what you want or what you love, they then have a story board to work from


Being a first time Mother of my little girl, now 1, I know how important it is to capture those precious moments you forget over time.  It was so important to me to make sure I did a photo shoot of her at least every 3 months, and now, I am so glad I did.

Baby Feet

I have developed a great passion for Newborn photography after having my first child.  I enjoy all the people I meet, the people I work with and having that wonderful relationship between me and my clients and seeing all the children grow up.

I specialize in Newborn, Maternity and Family photography.  I am based in Maidenhead, Berkshire where I have lived for over 2 years. For more info, please contact me: 

Leandri Perry PhotographyToddler Photography



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