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IT Works Ultimate Body Applicator

As you may know we are currently giving away an IT Works ‘Ultimate Body Applicator Wrap’  in association with independent IT Works distributor Temi Koleowo

I’ve only recently heard of IT Works so I was curious to test out one of their products, I’ve had beauty salon inch loss wraps in the past so was curious as to how this DIY home one would work.

The wrap can be used on various parts of the body, but the area I decided to test the wrap out on was my stomach as it’s an area I carry some extra weight, weight which I’m finding hard to get rid of after having my son nearly 2 years ago.

The wrap comes in a sachet, and you unfold to reveal a wrap large enough to cover your stomach. It is coated in a gel/cream and is fairly easy to apply. As suggested by Temi, I wrapped some cling film around the wrap to ensure it stayed in place and then sat down with a big glass of water for an hour to let the wrap do its stuff!

The wrap has a pleasant menthol scent and a few minutes after it has been applied you can feel a cool and slightly tingly sensation which lasts through out. As it tingles away, I’m imagining it magically sucking out all the fat to reveal a perfectly toned tummy (something I’ve never had!), now that would be a miracle wrap!

After removing the wrap after an hour’s relaxing you then rub the remaining cream into the area the wrap was applied to. Unfortunately I didn’t have a super toned tum *sigh* (I’ll keep dreaming and slogging it out at the gym) but when I put my jeans back on they did feel looser which gave me a little confidence boost. Normally they’re just that little bit too tight creating a slight muffin top! *Blush*! For the next few days you are encouraged to drink a lot of water to help flush out toxins and help maintain the results from the wrap treatment.

Is it something I would use again? Possibly, I have to admit I’m a big fan of going to the gym and I’m working really hard to get in shape but if there was a special occasion coming up and I wanted to do something to help give me a little extra confidence to put that little black dress on then yes I could see myself using it again. The other time I would use it would probably to kick start a detox or help renew my efforts for healthy eating and exercise.

It’s not a quick fix but I think anything that makes you feel a little better about yourself can give you a little extra motivation to make healthy changes to your lifestyle. You see a small difference and are therefore encouraged to do more and keep it up!

If you’re thinking of going to a beauty salon for an inch loss wrap treatment then I would probably suggest you consider trying this first as it would definitely work out cheaper, you can also get on with things at home while it’s working. I also have to admit I liked the idea that once the wrap was on I needed to relax for an hour! Usually I’m so busy running around doing things that it was so nice to have an hour to myself, it did help that my other half had taken our son to the park so I had the house (and the remote control!) to myself.

This review was due to be written earlier in June to coincide with the giveaway, but as it has only just been published the competition deadline will be extended until the 30th July 2012. So if you would like your chance to win one of these wraps please see


Review by Jill Westhead,

Disclosure: More Than Mummies was sent a complimentary sample of the wrap to review. All views expressed are that of the reviewer.


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