Sooqini Has Arrived!

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A few months back we wrote an article about a new phenomenon that we felt would potentially change mums’ lives:

We are happy to let you know that Sooqini has finally launched!

So what is this funny name all about? Is it a new type of veggie?

It’s much more than that! Derived from the word “souk” – meaning marketplace – and coupled with a friendly “ini”. Sooqini is your local marketplace accessible via your phone or computer. Mums can now buy and sell anything they want with other mums and neighbours.

Whatever way Sooqini is used, it can make a huge difference to a mum’s lifestyle…

If mums want to get that extra push to get their business started or simply need an extra hand to get through their chores during the day, Sooqini can help. They can simply ask for what they want, when they want it and at their price. For example, we are already seeing entrepreneurs asking for personal assistants on demand…

Likewise, Sooqini also helps mums make money by doing jobs in their own time, either for others in their vicinity, or from home. Just simply choose some categories of stuff to offer and you will be automatically notified when it matches your skills, or goods you want to sell.

Furthermore, the UKTI, (Ministry for Trade & Investment) is currently supporting Sooqini to help the UK economy get back on its feet!

I personally would use Sooqini to get someone to teach me how to cook my favourite dishes, or even assemble that annoying IKEA flat pack furniture. Will then definitely have more time to spend with the kids. :)

Try and download their iPhone app [] for FREE and see how it can work for you. Sooqini is currently offering £2 for every person that is referred onto their platform.

Start Sooqini’ng today! :)


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