How to Pick a Direct Sales Company

Article by Christine Jolley

Independent Scentsy Consultant

When you’re considering working at home there’s generally two options for a legitimate opportunity, 1) Find a position with a company where you can work remotely or 2) Find a Direct Sales/Party Plan company and start your own business.   Joining a Direct Sales/Party Plan company is the quickest and easiest way to earn money from home out there.  Working remotely for a company usually involves having connections already with the business, so positions can be hard to come by.

One of the best ways to start researching Direct Sales is through the Global List of Top 100 Companies put out every year by the Direct Selling Association.  The Direct Selling Association is a regulatory body for all companies involved in party plan or direct sales.  There are strict guidelines to follow and I’d recommend picking a company who is a member over one who isn’t.  This list of the top 100 companies is an easy way to find out who is and who isn’t doing well.  Party plan company’s pop up frequently and many fail within their first few years.  Picking one that has been around for at least a few years will ensure your stability and future as an independent consultant.

Once you’ve gone through the list of 100 on the website and marked several you’re interested in, I’d recommend the following:

1-     Pick a product you love:  Passion sells and life is too short to not enjoy your job.

2-     Visit each website and learn about the products.  Read about the company’s history, values and their influence in the community.  Try the products beforehand or if this isn’t possible ask for some free samples.

3-     Look for transparency in compensation plan.  If you don’t automatically see a compensation plan or its difficult to get a hold of one – it’s a red flag.  Usually compensation plans are in the back of product catalogues or on consultant websites.  You can try to email consultants individually to ask to see the compensation plan.  If they are reluctant to send it to you or tell you all the details about how you’ll be earning your income I’d be wary of joining.

4-     Do a generic search on Google and see what comes up for the company.   If you start seeing results from very unhappy customers or past consultants it’s a warning sign.  You’ll also be able to see what kind of influence the company has in the wider scope of things.  Many companies donate to charity and focus on making a difference in the lives of worthwhile organisations.

5-     Try talking to other consultants.  A great way to connect is via Facebook.  Ask them questions and look for honesty and someone who doesn’t just quote from a script.  Usually you’ll be joining under a ‘Sponsor’ so look for people who care about your success and will support and help rather than just use you for the compensation increase.

6-     Decide if you can realistically commit time to make it succeed.  Even if you work PT you’ll need to set aside PT hrs each week to make it work.

7-     Ask your potential sponsor about cost of the kit and what’s included.  Ask about business supplies cost and if you get a website included or not.  Ask about sales quotas and incentives offered by the company.  Make sure you know any and all expectations before you sign the dotted line.


If you do the research and understand what the expectations are, pick something you love and make the commitment to make it work and not quit no matter what – there is no doubt that you are well on your way to becoming successful in a future direct selling career you love!


Written by Christine Jolley




Independent Scentsy Consultant

Scentsy is a popular direct sales company that expanded into the UK and Europe in 2011.   Scentsy Products include electric candle warmers, scented stuffed animals and other fragrance products.

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  1. I love this article, after spending 10 years in Direct Sales, everything written here is to be taken into consideration. You can make lots of money in the industry (say’s me after starting on earnings of around £200 p/m then rising to £1k p/m after 18mths and now £45k per annum :) ) so the money is definitely out there but as Christine quite rightly said, you have to have passion for the products and you must check out a company before starting. I’ve enjoyed some real highs in the industry but some companies can give you a big low, putting you off trying again, so choose wisely :)
    The biggest thing to remember is to register as self-employed, too many new starters see this as “cash in hand” and end up in lots of trouble and debt with the taxman so make sure you register (which is better for you because your expenses will be taken into consideration and in my first years I made minus profit so no tax YAY)