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Article by by Emma Canton-Ekkes,


As a parent of 5 children, I can say first hand that babies and children are expensive! From the moment the line turns blue on the pregnancy test, you are drawn to all the cute little clothes, shoes and accessories available for your new family member. Maybe it’s because baby clothes are so tiny that they seem so appealing. Then you start looking at all the equipment a baby ‘needs’. Inhale sharply, because the range of products available for your tiny bundle is vast and can cost a fortune!

First time parents may purchase everything that takes their fancy, only to find that it is a product their baby doesn’t like. I speak to lots of parents who couldn’t get a moments peace without using a baby sling or rocking swing to aid soothing their newborn infant. Other parent’s say their child screamed the house down in the swing that worked well for a friend’s baby. Every child is different, what works well to calm one, may agitate another. Only trial and error will establish the things that work well for you and your child.

Baby clothing is absolutely irresistible to the expecting parents. By the time you have purchased the essential day to day clothing and ‘special’ outfits, then the adorable coat because it has ears, the teeny weenie shoes, socks, hats and bibs, rest assured so have all your friends and family who are also eagerly awaiting for baby to arrive… Often new parents find babygro’s and vests are the easiest items to keep baby warm and clean between feeding and sleeping. Sometimes those newborn items hanging in the wardrobe don’t ever get worn because baby appears looking less like a dainty doll and more like a mini sumo wrestler… I kitted out my second son for his first year, long before my due date was on the horizon. I hadn’t bargained for him arriving 6 weeks early and needing 4lb outfits. By the time he was big enough to fit in his new clothes, it was the wrong season. Being a neurotic pregnant woman who de-tagged, washed and ironed all the new outfits, they couldn’t be returned to the store and I felt that there had to be an alternative to sending them to charity (I support charity shop donations, but sometimes, when these items have cost a small fortune, there has to be an alternative to just giving them away).

Nearly new sales specific to baby and children’s goods are filled with equipment and clothing that look like they have never even been touched. On many occasions, they haven’t. Sometimes they are something that didn’t work for the original owners, or maybe an unused gift. The trend for bargain hunting, designer goods on eBay, swishing, dress agencies and the craze for buying vintage has filtered down into baby and children’s goods. Slowly but surely parents are catching on to the fact that once a new item has been opened or the tags removed, it is second hand, regardless of if it has actually been used.

A great resource for local parents to make back some money on items they have invested in, the sales provide each seller with their own ‘shop’ that is hired for the duration of the sale. Everything the seller makes on selling on items, it theirs to take home. Table hire varies from sale to sale as do the size of sales and number of visitors. Each event is an excellent opportunity to support families in your local community. Not only is there the exchange of goods and money, but often invaluable advice and tips from fellow parents.

Sales are addictive, once you’ve found your first designer bargain for 50p, there will be no stopping you!


Written by Emma Canton-Ekkes, Mother of 5 and Founder of ‘Twice As Nice’ Nearly new sales www.2asnice.com

If you’d like some information on becoming a ‘Twice As Nice!’ event coordinator, please email Emma on info@2asnice.com Franchise opportunity costs £50 and offers full training and support on running your own sales.




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  1. Ah yes, we had coats with ears!! I think Nearly New sales are fab. Ebay takes too much time.