Maybe Tomorrow…

Article By Lizzy Farmer


Ok. So I’m ‘Twittering’, trying to build up reputation as a vintage seller, I am checking to see if a uni essay has been marked,  I’m writing this as my first article and having a much deserved sip of wine. It’s 9.52 PM and I am shattered!!!! Now my fiancé wants me to mention him so here it is, ‘Matthew you are being mentioned!’ We are both sat here like a 50yr old couple and just happy to be finished for the day.

How do people do this day in and day out?!

I am asking this question as I used to be a single mum and now work. 37.5hours a week (and believe me the .5 matters!!) and cannot understand (and feel guilty here if you are a working mum!) How can any of you have a clean and tidy house??!

Ours looks like a mixture of your nanna’s/your parents and a jumble salesque assortment of clothes drying on doorframes, bits of homework on the arms of the chair ‘ready’ for the morning, a stack of vintage items that I need to photograph and put on my online shop and not to mention the very sorry looking jug of flowers wilting on my partner’s amp in the corner.

The mornings as a working parent are truly brilliant. Yes really brill! I have never experienced such sheer horror as the alarm ( I swear someone fiddles with GMT when nobody’s looking) goes off after a night that should have been filled with the ‘ohhs’ and ‘ahhs’ and post awesome sex chat ending in a spoons position snuggle has now been, and I am being really honest here, replaced by a night of good intentions accompanied by ‘Sleepeasy’ herbal tea and matching (well nearly) PJ bottoms….yes you may mock me but we are happy, just tired happy!!

On a lighter note I love my job, I love my family and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Asides from one of our three chickens that, at 6am each bloody morning thinks it is actually a cockerel and lays it‘s egg with vocalic projection and gusto that would blow Simon -Blinkin‘ Cowell out of his seat, maybe it has gender issues who knows, but it is as loud as heck and wants to shut up!


We went to the beach the weekend just gone. You know the one which was gloriously hot and hazy? It was really wonderful, the kiddies (x3) were splashing in a rock pool catching shrimps and having a rare ten minutes of no bickering/teasing/or ’it’s not fair’.

‘Idyllic‘ says my lovely man as we watched them play in the ebbing sun. Then the dog widdled on his leg and kinda ruined it! Well it ruined it for him! It made my weekend if I’m honest! The dog drives me nuts too, (that’s another story) but Matthew is so good and patient and dedicated to walking him and so forth that the whole leg choice for his ‘widdle’ was hilarious and of much amusement to the other beach goers too!

Got to go the wine glass is empty, my eyelids are dropping and I’m on a promise after all the moaning above, that is if I can…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Maybe tomorrow night  ;)



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