Is Appearance Everything?

Article by Lorraine – Vos Primoris Recruitment.

“Are you posh?” This was a question I was asked about a week ago by a young boy. I am a normal everyday person who drives an average car, shops at high street stores and lives in a small flat in a North West town. I work for myself and don’t consider myself to be rich, not by a long shot!

I thought about his question for a moment and considered my answer, I am not posh. However my response was this: “Are you posh?” The boy looked at me and said no. He looked confused. I than asked him what he thought was posh. He said….”You.” He was being quite serious. I just smiled at him and told him I wasn’t. He didn’t seem convinced so he continued to question me about where I lived and what I did. In all honesty I didn’t really give him any information about myself, where I lived or what I did. But he did feel satisfied with my answers and decided that I was in fact ‘posh’ because of the way I talk. He then moved on and forgot about me.

Later on I started thinking about why he had thought me ‘posh’, when as I said earlier…I am quiet an average person.

Here is what I came up with. As much as we all try not to judge people by the way they look, we can’t help but do it. It’s subconscious. The boy who was talking to me was playing out on his bike and was wearing a track suit. He considered himself normal. I on the other hand had just finished work and was wearing my suit. Nothing fancy, it was from a high street shop, but a suit all the same. My black shoes were polished, my hair was neatly pinned up and I had a small amount of make up on. To him, I looked ‘posh’.

I am from the North West, my family is a normal working class family, and I grew up sounding like all the other children in my school. When I started working and learning about business, I learnt that people do judge you, without thinking about it. I then became an English teacher and realized just how bad my grammar was. I had to learn to talk properly for work. Over the years I noticed people reacting differently to me. Mainly because of good English. Instead of saying ‘How ya doin?’ I say ‘How are you?’ and so on. I still sound like a northerner, I never want to sound any different! I am a northerner! And proud of it!

So, the way you present yourself, both in the way you look and the way you speak, can and will make a difference to your business. If you present yourself badly if reflects badly on the company as a whole, no matter how great your intentions are. With a little bit of effort you can look smart and make the company look serious. Don’t change who you are or how you do things. If you have a business, you already know what you are doing, and the people who know you know you are good. It’s the first impressions on the new and potential clients that count.

Everyone’s idea of ‘posh’ is different, and it was a child who asked me the question. But it just goes to show what a difference appearance can make…. If only he had seen me half an hour later in my ‘comfy’ clothes, he would never have asked the question!


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