Sooqini – A new mobile and on-line marketplace. Free up valuable time and make money doing anything!

Offer Expires 31st October 2012


Sooqini – a new mobile and on-line marketplace has recently launched, allowing anyone to save money, free up valuable time and make money doing anything.

Sooqini was recently recommended by former Dragon’s Den entrepreneur Julie Meyer in this month’s Tesco Magazine!

Say you don’t feel like doing some admin work or don’t have time to run small tasks; now it can be outsourced to someone else. Or it’s your loved one’s birthday and you’re stuck at the office. Organise a candle-lit dinner, flowers and champagne right from your desk, and be the hero. Imagine you need some product testers and early feedback for your business and cannot afford to pay much. Sooqini can be useful at a personal and professional level at any given time and location.

With thousands already signed up, Sooqini is like an “eBay for anything”, matching people who need anything (goods, services and information), with local people and businesses who can help. Post your request, and what you’re willing to pay in seconds, and others on its secure platform will offer their expertise. Choose the best offer, make your payment when you are ready, and, as on eBay and Amazon, exchange ratings and feedback.

Not only a way to get things done, Sooqini can also help you earn some extra cash. You can do a range of one off jobs on your terms and to fit in with your lifestyle. Just seek out suitable requests on Sooqini’s website to complete and earn. This could be anything from picking up some shopping for someone, completing surveys to teaching someone to cook! The possibilities are endless. It is also suitable for those already running a small business as a way to find new potential clients who may be looking for your products and services.

It’s free to sign up to Sooqini and anyone who signs up in October using the code MUMS01 has the chance of winning a £40 voucher to use on Sooqini requests.