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Top Christmas Tips!


From Katie Bakes – Artisan Baking Mixes

Par boil the potatoes in salted for about 10 minutes, drain and shake in the pan to fluff up the edges.  Toss in oil or melted goose fat and season with salt and then open freeze on a tray before transferring to a freezer bag.  Then on Christmas Day they are all ready to roast straight from the freezer.


From Cornish Daisy

We have a tropical fruit salad available for desert on Christmas day just in case we are too chocolated and Christmas dinnered out to cope with christmas pudding as well.  There’s always Boxing day.


From Mandy Graham, Kirkcaldy

Santa’s Footprints – Take one of your wellington boots and place it in the room where santa leaves the gifts. Sprinkle some talc or flour around it so it will look like santa has left white snowy footprints in your house. The first time I did this, my inquisative 7 year old ignored her presents and spent the entire morning looking for clues and tried to decifer whether these magical prints where real or not. She declared that they were and that it was magical snow that did not melt.


Jade Clover, Hamphire

  • Save money by buying cheap toys and mugs and wrapping them in cellophane will only cost £2.50 instead of £4
  • cut up some coloured paper and grab a glue stick and entertain the kids all day by making paper chains for decorations.
  • save wasting food by making a turkey curry, or having turkey and pickles on boxing day x


Juliet Landau-Pope, declutter coach, N London

My top tip for surviving the party season is to avoid perfectionism. Tv and magazines bombard us with images of ideal family gatherings, beautifully wrapped gifts, elegantly presented meals etc. But these are carefully crafted by advertisers. Trying to prepare a perfect meal, or host perfect party will put you under inordinate stress. So why not settle for ‘good enough’ and enjoy yourself more.


Jill Stewart

There is a real feeling of ‘make do & mend’, this year we would suggest you revitalise old decorations with some of our beautiful vintage ribbon, from £1.50/metre it really does bring old decorations back to life. Replace the ribbon on last year’s front door wreath, tie round napkins & add a simple luggage tag (45p each) as a pretty & stylish place setting. For the table display, fill a vase with freshly picked holly, fir & ivy trails, pop in a few shiny red berry sprays (from £3.50), we supply artificial which means the berries look great till the New Year. Your fresh foliage should last till then too if you remember to change the water regularly.


Sarah P from UK

My Christmas tip is an alcohol free mulled wine recipe I have recently found.  It tastes just as good if not better than the real thing and minus the hangover (Always a good thing when you find yourself being hostess for days on end!).  The kids love it too!  You can see the recipe, which I posted on my blog…


Holly Welch

  • Sprinkle glitter on the floors where Father Christmas has been, especially at the door/fire place where he has wiped his feet
  • Create paper snowflakes, again decorate with glitter and then hang them from the ceiling.  They are so pretty when you can see the shadows on the walls, gently spinning
  • Get Father Christmas to write a note to go with the Christmas stockings, these are very special and add to the magic.
  • Advent Calendars – you can buy little toys, stickers and sweets – these are often a great run up to Christmas
  • Don’t forget to have a walk around the neighbourhood to look at the lights
  • Get unusual and foreign sweets to go in the stockings
  • Also add toiletries to the stocking, little perfume samples, lip balms, handcreams.
  • Don’t forget the pets – a Christmassy colour gets everyone into the Christmas mood
  • Everyone wants a perfect Christmas, but try to stand back and be in the moment.  You will often remember the ‘challenging’ moments and how you got round them for years to come


Nicky Carroll

1. Prepare your vegetables the day before

2 Starting with the time you want to sit down and eat, work backwards and plan what needs to be put in the oven at what time. Bear in mind, it may take a little longer than usual especially if you are cooking more than you do normally.

3. Whatever the weather make time to go out for some fresh air.  The adults will appreciate the break and the kids will get rid of some energy!




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  1. Tear a small piece of red fabric or white fur from an old stocking and leave it hanging by the chimney / front door / window – Santa must have caught his coat!

  2. Buy a few large sheets of coloured card, various colours of crepe paper and tissue paper, scissors, sellotape and stapler. Give all this to the children to make hats for each person to wear for Christmas Dinner. The more creative the better, all the same or a different style hat for each guest. Should keep the children busy for a while.

  3. My tip for a strees free & relaxing Christmas Day is all about the preparation, get everything ready in advance, potatoes, veggies, piggies in blankets, stuffing and even the Turkey, then on Christmas morning instead of standing in the kitchen up to your eyes in peelings and packets all you have to do is put it on to cook.
    And then you can go and enjoy yourself.

  4. really great tips! thanks for sharing!

    - Aimee
    DIY Blog: SwellMadye

  5. - Help yourself by making it easy!! Order pressies, food, decorations online!!! EnJoY the holiday’s :)


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