Infacol’s ‘Is it Colic’ app

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When your baby’s crying and showing the classic signs of colic it can leave you, as a parent, feeling utterly helpless. It is a common condition that affects around 1 in 5 babies and it can sometimes be hard for parents to diagnose. If this is the case, then the brand new ‘Is it Colic’ app is definitely something to consider.

Concerned parents can use the app on Infacol’s facebook page by logging in and accessing instant trustworthy advice, available in a matter of minutes. It is quick and simple to use and better still, absolutely free!


The Infacol ‘Is it Colic’ app:

  • Developed with leading experts
  • Answer a series of simple yes/no questions
  • Provides clear and educational guidance
  • Determines the early indicators of colic in infants
  • Allows parents to understand how and when to treat their baby


Visit – to try out the new Infacol’s ‘Is it Colic’ app!


Infacol contains simeticone. Always read the label.


 To celebrate the launch of the world’s first infant colic indicator app, Infacol are giving away these cute and cuddly moo moo cows.


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