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Article by Ash Taylor, Director at Tennis Whizz UK

This is a blog article from a Dad who is desperate to help mums, dads and kids get the best out of life – all from using skills that can be learnt on a tennis court. I kid you not, after spending 20 years as a tennis coach, I have learnt a bit along the way and I now have some of the answers to teaching your child key skills, even before they have set foot into school.

Here’s my story…………………………..

Josie is my 9 year old daughter and watching her  grow up, I was often left feeling frustrated as she was let down time and time again by her nursery, her sports coaches and even her tennis coaches as they didn’t fully understand the needs of pre-school children.

It scares me to think that Josie is part of a generation that for the first time ever, is destined not to outlive their parents.  Unfit and unhealthy, our children have so many barriers to accessing sport and improving their lives socially and physically and it has been something that I have wanted to change for a while now.

So I am on a mission to make sure that as many of these children as possible can benefit from what tennis has to offer and now, after years of work, I believe that I have developed the most comprehensive tennis programme available for pre-school children.  It is called Tennis Whizz.

Tennis Whizz is a programme that inspires children through play and imagination.  It uses a careful blend of developmentally sound physical activities, ‘set for school’ skills and storytelling. It is also a place where children and their parents get to play together and have fun.

Tennis Whizz is not just about playing tennis, it will improve a child’s social skills, help them to develop numeracy and literacy, give them an athletic foundation (preparing them for any sport) and encourage them to take ownership of their ideas and actions.  It will also teach them how to work with other children and the best bit of all – it completely involves the parents at the same time so they are having quality time with their child.

Tennis Whizz lessons are structured around the concept of storytelling.  The children are encouraged to create an imaginary journey where they encounter obstacles which challenge their problem solving abilities and develop essential physical skills.   Using stories, they are able to overcome these challenges. Children of this age need spaced repetition to develop a skill as they are easily bored or distracted but the story will keep them fully involved and interested. Who wouldn’t want to feed smelly fish to the penguins at the zoo or walk the pirate plank!

And the fun doesn’t stop at the end of the lesson as the children will be given colouring activities, stickers and a bedtime story to take home with them to continue their adventure.

So determined in my mission to succeed and produce an exciting opportunity for pre –school children, I have received the backing of many high profile people within the tennis associations across the globe and I truly believe that Tennis Whizz will take the country by storm! We even have a major tennis racket company (Prince) making a racket for us, designed specifically for Tennis Whizz.

So, now the children are happy having their adventure, what about the parents? As I said at the beginning, I want the parents to benefit from Tennis Whizz too.

I fully understand the importance of being a stay at home parent and I also appreciate that this is not always possible. The current economy is dictating that most parents have to go out to work to support their families and it means missing out on those wonderful early years with their child.

What if Tennis Whizz could provide you with a steady income that allows you to work around your home life and still gives you that valuable time with your child?

So here is how it works……

As much as I like to think I am Superman, I cannot physically do this on my own and as I want to help as many children as possible, I am looking for people right across the UK who are as enthusiastic as me about giving children the best possible start in life.

Tennis Whizz has been set up as a franchise so that you can buy a ‘business in a box’. It will include everything you need to run your own successful business, including all the lesson plans, equipment and marketing support.

Tennis experience isn’t necessary as I will train you on how to run a Tennis Whiz business in your local area and give you ongoing support to make sure it is a success.

You will have exclusive rights to operate in your area and you will be able to run classes based round your schedule.  You work when it is convenient to you.

There is no minimum commitment and no targets to meet. You can run 1 class a week or 15, it really is up to you.   All you need is a space, ideally a hall and there is no need for tennis courts.

It is not a complicated business, you could be up and running within a few weeks, ready to improve your life and those of the children you’re working with.

If you want to find out more, email me at

Let’s get our kids futures looking brighter, one Tennis Whizz adventure at a time……………..


Author: Ash Taylor, Director at Tennis Whizz UK


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