Londoners give the gift of time this Christmas

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Freedom and Time are the gifts of choice this Christmas for a community of thousands of Londoners who are part of the online and mobile marketplace, Sooqini.

Giving a voucher for Christmas can seem a bit unimaginative. There’s only so many books, cds, t-shirts one person really wants to buy. But London-based startup Sooqini has conquered the problem.

A gift card for time. The present giver buys an amount of time for the lucky recipient to spend on pretty much whatever they want via the mobile and online marketplace, Sooqini.



Truly a gift of luxury, this time could be redeemed as a massage, ironing, cooking, life admin, or gardening freeing them up to do what they want, taking away the chores which bore the most.

Sooqini is a place to outsource your to-do’s, whatever they are. Whether for domestic tasks such as cleaning or dog walking, or more business orientated tasks like research or office admin.

To buy someone time to do what they want in the new year sign up to, or download the iPhone app, and email stating the name of the recipient and the amount you would like to give. Their account will be credited once they sign up using the unique code. Then they are the set to get the community to do any tasks for them, and finally use their own time.

Once people become part of the community it opens up a whole world of opportunity.

The mobile and online site is there for the community to buy skills and time you need, or alternatively sell your skills, much like a freelancer.  But with much of the work being more task/errand orientated they’ve also gone with a local jobs for local people approach.

So rather than someone trekking across London to clear that garage out you could get a neighbour who you hadn’t met or a local business fulfilling the task, but importantly it keeps the money in the local community. Or vice versa, you could be the neighbour being paid.


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