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‘Just relax and you’ll get pregnant!’ is that really the best advice to give a woman who is trying to conceive?  Genevieve Morton the author of ‘Trying to Conceive’ says in her new book that despite it being well meaning advice it’s not necessarily something you really want to hear when you are desperately trying for a baby. And this advice gets given a lot!

Trying to Conceive is an honest and friendly take on what must feel like a very lonely, frustrating and emotional experience. At a time when it may be hard to express how you are feeling to friends and family, the book gives a feeling of support and understanding. Reading what another woman has experienced on her journey to try and get pregnant in a candid and humorous way, the warmth and personality of the author shines through and gives a strong sense of understanding and solidarity.

The book is a comprehensive A-Z guide of many situations and experiences that could be encountered when trying to conceive. From coping with others around you announcing they are pregnant to the conversations you may have with your other half about changing his lifestyle or diet to help boost chances of conception.

It covers relationship issues with friends and family and how to explain to them how you are feeling and how they can best support you. There is also really good practical advice for how to keep functioning in everyday life such as at work when your mind may be constantly distracted with other things.

The book also discusses all the practical issues involved with trying to conceive, anything from diet and lifestyle, losing weight, sex, ovulation and fertility tests and treatments. It’s all there!

The book is light and at times humorous on what is undoubtedly a difficult topic, it charts the authors experiences of trying to conceive and all the advice given by well meaning friends and relatives, the dreaded one being ‘just relax and you’ll get pregnant!’

Rather than being a book just about the technicalities and do’s and don’ts about what to do to increase your chances of getting pregnant, I would describe it more as a ‘friendly guide’ that relates to what’s going on in your life and can empathise with the difficulties of trying to conceive, taking into account every angle, from the ‘helpful advice’ and wisdom(!) given by others to more practical issues such as treatment and lifestyle. I would imagine it could be a great source of support for someone embarking on this difficult and daunting journey.


Review by Jill Westhead,

Disclosure: More Than Mummies was sent a complimentary copy of this book to review. All views expressed are that of the reviewer.


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