5 Top tips for using Pinterest for Business

Article by Lynn Hogg


 pinterest for business

Pinterest may be the latest Social Media tool but it is quickly turning into one of my favourites.  It is easy to use, leads to increased traffic to your site and can be addictive.  Here are my top tips to help you get the most out of Pinterest for your business.

1)  Set up your account for Business

You should start by setting up your business profile on Pinterest.  Add an image and a short description of your business, remembering to add relevant key words.  You can put a URL in the description, but it will display as text and not as an actual link so you will need to verify your website.

Your username will be part of your Pinterest URL, just like twitter, so remember to choose carefully.  You can use your business name or some keywords that describe your business.

Choose boards that will promote your business and interest your customers or clients.  Don’t just post your own products, post and share things that will make people follow you.

 Using Pinterest for Business


This is a screen shot of part of my Pregnancy board showing our most recent pins.  We also have boards for Breastfeeding, Baby & Newborn photography, Baby showers, kids stuff and crafts.  Don’t just set up a board for your own products, add boards that you think your customers would be interested in.


2)  Use Images

This may seem obvious but Pinterest is all about images. No image = no one pins your stuff  If you write a blog please add an image to each post you write.  If you don’t have your own images then have a look at Flickr where you can use photos with Creative Commons license. If you are not a photo editing whiz them you can use a tool like Picmonkey which is a fun and free online tool or Pinwords  which adds text to your images.

What works well ?

Cute animals and babies are always popular ! Adding text to an image can increase the reach of the post as it makes it immediately obvious what it is about.  If you can’t find a suitable image then a simple text quote can also be successful.   Tall images work better than portrait style due to the way Pinterest is set up.

This is an image for a recent post on our blog, all about tips for playing and reading with your baby.  We have had 119 repins and over 350 hits from Pinterest on the post this month alone.


3)  Add pin it buttons to your site

If you want people to add your products or posts to Pinterest then you need to make it easy for them to do so.  You can get buttons from the Pinterest site or if you have a blog you should be able to add the buttons via a plugin..  Add the button to your product pages or blog posts so that your content is ready to be pinned.

You can also add a Follow me on Pinterest button or show a board of your recent pins on your website to encourage people to follow you.

4) Sell your products

When you pin a product from your website you can add a price tag to it.  All you need to do is add the price in the listing and it automatically adds the flash on the image. Remember to add a good description of the item as well adding as much details as you can.  This works well for all sorts of sellers; if you sell cupcakes add a few images of recent bakes, describe the cakes and let people know how much they cost.  If you are a photographer you can add your latest photo shoots but remember to watermark your images first.

5)  Find new contacts and build a community

If you are a business you can connect with your existing and also potential customers via Pinterest.  Search for your competitors and you can keep track on what they are up to.  As the boards are international you will get views and interactions from near and far expanding your customer base in new directions.  You can use Pinterest for inspiration as well, there are three secret boards where you can pin your ideas for your latest money making enterprise.  Just like everything you will get more out if you join in so follow other relevant boards and comment on some of the popular posts.


By guest blogger Lynn Hogg.


Lynn is a mum of two and owner of online Maternity & Breastfeeding site More 4 Mums.  She is a fan of social media and you can find her on Facebook, Twitter and of course Pinterest www.pinterest.com/more4mums





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