Easter ‘Egg Heads’ – A Fun Activity To Make With Children

This is a really fun activity you can do with children of all ages.

Cress Egg Heads


For this craft I’ve used duck eggs as they are slightly larger than hens eggs. They are also white in colour which is great for decorating and tend not to have any stamps on them. They are available at farm shops and markets and even in some large supermarkets. Hens eggs are fine to use too :)

You Will Need

Some hollow egg shells

Some paints or felt tip pens (acrylic paints are great as they don’t run if they get wet)

Googly eyes

An egg cup

Cotton wool

A packet of Cress Seeds



Empty Duck EggsAfter enjoying some lovely soft boiled eggs for breakfast. Scoop out any remaining egg with a small teaspoon, be careful not to damage the egg.

Wash the eggs inside and out using some warm water and washing up liquid.

Leave the eggs upside down (hole at the bottom) to drain and dry.

Decorate the eggs. In this case I’ve used acrylic paints, as they are colourful and dry quickly. But you could use felt tips (be careful not to press too hard) or dyes. You don’t even have to paint them you could stick on the eyes straight to the unpainted egg shell, they still look great! If you’re making these with a toddler or young child you may need to hold the egg for them so they don’t crack it.

Decorating Eggs with Acrylics


If you’ve painted the eggs, leave them to dry. We used an empty Chinese take away both as a paint pallet and to stand the eggs on while they dry.

Painted Eggs

Add some ‘googly’ eyes and make them into faces. Or if you don’t have any stick on eyes, draw some on with a marker pen. By doing this you could also change they’re expressions.

Add Googly Eyes to Hollow Egg

Gently fill the egg with cotton wool and dampen it with cold water. Place in an egg cup. Some water will seep through and collect in the bottom of the egg cup, if you think the egg might have some cracks in you can always line it with clingfilm.

Fill Egg With Cotton Wool


Sprinkle on the cress seed, and place on a windowsill where it can easily catch the light.

Tip: If you want your cress to grow more quickly cover it or place it in a dark room for the first 2 or 3 days. I covered these with a shoe box. Apparently the cress grows more quickly as it searches for the light, as it would if it was under the soil.

Adding Cress Seeds   Egg with googly eyes

Keep the seeds moist by sprinkling some water on daily with a teaspoon or mist spray.

Egg Heads

Watch them grow!

Cress grows really quickly and you should see some ‘hair’ starting to grow in a few days time. This is also a great way of introducing young children to seeds and plants as they don’t have to wait long to see the results.

Starting to grow

Tip: If you turn them round so they’re eyes face the window sometimes it will help the ‘hair’ look more even, as the cress will grow towards the sun.

Egg With Hair

In a week your little egg should have a full head of cress hair!

If you make these fun little ‘Egg Heads’ with the children email us your photos to morethanmummies@gmail.com and we’ll do an ‘Egg Head’ photo gallery!

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  1. What a cute idea! And teaches kids in an easy, unmessy way about growing and nurturing seeds.

  2. These are really cute.

  3. These are adorable, my kids would love these and would stay interested as the cress grows so quickly, really cute egg cups!

  4. Lizzie Williams says:

    Love these, so cute. Might try making these over the summer hols.