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 Enchanted Wonders Butterfly


Butterfly is part of the Enchanted Wonders series of interactive books for children by Ayala Homossany. It provides a wealth of activities to encourage children to discover and think about their surroundings, and taps into their natural curiosities, developing their creative skills, imagination and storytelling.

The book enables parents to work through the activities with their children and allows children to participate in a variety of activities from drawing to crafting (sculpting) and encouraging children to use their imaginations and develop their own story telling.

Butterfly Enchanted Wonders Activities

This first book ‘Butterfly’ centres around butterflies and I would say is most suitable for children aged 4 -6. But younger children would enjoy the pictures and videos and would be able to start joining in all the activities as they got older.

I wasn’t able to go through this book with a child of the age to whom the book is aimed at. My son is too young (2 and a half) to appreciate and understand most of the activities but he did happily sit and watch some of the videos.

The book has a helpful page describing how to use all the different functionalities such as the image galleries, audio and video and there is a little gnome hiding on each page for the children to look out for, which is a fun addition.

Butterfly Enchanted Wonders Activity

The images are fun and colourful and there is plenty in this book to keep children entertained and lots to think about and learn in a fun and creative way. It gives children an opportunity to really consider their surroundings and environment and includes various activities away from the ipad which is very welcome!

Butterfly Enchanted Wonders

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Review by Jill Westhead,

Disclosure: More Than Mummies was sent a complimentary code to download this app to review. All views expressed are that of the reviewer.


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