The When’s? Whys? And What’s? On Feeding your Baby

Article by Kim Wilshaw

So it’s that chapter of your little one’s life when the all important weaning stage commences. Experts recommend to start introducing purees around the six month mark as babies are ready both physically and psychologically to deal with eating. Babies are curious beings and seeing you nibble on a strawberry or a biscuit is exactly why they want to start eating! And let’s face it, milk is just not keeping them full any longer, so here we go…

As a mother of two, I found the best way to introduce foods was to start with purees. I began steaming and pureeing fruits and vegetables.

And once baby was comfortable (i.e. not experiencing gas or discomfort) then I would combine foods. However, in my case I wanted my children to start sampling flavours from the very start. Babies over time get very opinionated about flavours, so why not start from the word go? After consulting a nutritionist I was given the green light to include some ginger steamed with pears for my 6 month old. Naturally I removed the ginger when serving it to him, but he got a hint of flavour and this was the whole point. Next I did roasted cumin with butternut squash, again just a pinch of cumin was used and it was gobbled up. I have carried on in this manner and have compiled over 70 recipes. My aim from the beginning was no separate baby food and that the family meal would be the one meal. So there would be less chillies or salt but that was ok, as long as my children were getting lots of spices, herbs and flavours in to their meals, that’s all that counted.

Our weekly menu at home looks like this: Tofu with beansprouts and noodles with salmon, sesame chicken wings with sweet potato jackets and creme fraiche, Thai fish curry with coconut milk and jasmine rice and their all time favourite, sweet potato chicken curry.


I now have a blog called and a facebook group ‘Spices for my Sweets’ where I discuss all matters to do with feeding and nurturing children and there are many recipes. I run weaning classes for moms who want to use spices in their little one’s meals. Classes run on a Wednesday morning from my home in Golders Green. This has taken off well, so now I run a Thursday evening class ‘A Taste of Something Spicy’ but this time just for moms to relax with a glass of wine and sample some Indian cooking.

Here is one of Kim’s recipes…

Sweet and Sticky Plums

6 months +

Sweet and Sticky Plums

Photograph by Rushina Kapashi

For 2 portions:

3 plums

1 stick of clove

1 cinnamon stick

2-3 whole black peppers

1 star anise

1/2 cup water


1.In a small pan, add 3 halved and de-stoned plums, then add one clove, one cinnamon stick, 2-3 whole black peppers and one star anise.

2. Add half a cup of water and simmer on medium for 12 mins.

3.Once it is thick and sticky in consistency then remove from the stove. Once cooled, remove the whole spices and the skin of the plum.

3.The plums should be very mushy in consistency so you may decide not to blend and serve it to your baby straight away.  If you want to blend, add two tablespoons of water. This tastes very good with baby rice first thing in the morning.


Article by Kim Wilshaw


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