How to Wear Statement Jewellery

Article by Sandra Cull


Do you ever look at someone and think ‘Wow, where did they get that?’ or ‘I wish I could put that look together’.  Here are 10 Top Tips to help you wear statement jewellery so that you can transform your wardrobe, personalise your outfits and feel gorgeous this summer.

1. Simplicity with contrast is key

Statement jewellery is supposed to be striking and unusual, therefore, wearing it with a simple outfit usually works best.  It is best not to have too many different patterns together i.e. don’t wear a bold statement necklace with a top that has lots of detail (e.g. lace, pattern, beading) around the neckline or shoulders. The focus becomes the jewellery rather than the outfit.

2. Show off your assets

As statement jewellery is eye catching it brings attention to parts of your body.   If you like your décolletage then a short or collar style statement necklace will draw people’s attention to your chest, making you feel more confident. A nice neck or jawline can be flattered with some beautiful statement drop earrings.

Bella Earrings

Likewise don’t wear long pendant necklaces if you are self conscious of your waistline.  Use statement jewellery to flatter your figure and make the most of your assets.

3. Punch above their weight

We’ve all got clothes in our wardrobe that could do with a make-over.  Buying a couple of items of statement jewellery can transform your existing outfits, without a huge investment.  Do you tend to have v neck or high neck tops that have gone to the bottom of the pile?  Do you own lots of one colour that could be enhanced by a colourful necklace or bracelet ?  Buying a collar style necklace or statement earrings can transform those old favourites and you may well surprise yourself and ‘wow’ others.

4. Summer statement staples

Lucia Statement JewellerySummer holidays are often when we will wear brighter colours, show off more skin and want to look our best.  Therefore, taking the right jewellery with you is part and parcel of the perfect holiday suitcase.  What types of statement jewellery are going to be great accessories in terms of colouring, lengths and styles? Consider statement pieces that you can mix and match to suit your wardrobe during the day and evenings and use different earrings (stud or drop) to dress up or down outfits. In the heat, metal jewellery can be too hot, so taking lighter weight resin jewellery can be a perfect accessory.

5. Clever combinations

Buying statement jewellery combinations is a quick and simple way to have different pieces of jewellery that you can layer up or down to suit your outfit, occasion or mood.  Having a theme in your jewellery means that you can mix and match to your heart’s content. The ‘theme’ might be a colour that runs through each piece of jewellery, or a type of material or particular shape.

Thalia Statement Jewellery

A strong colour highlighted in your accessories, for example, can transform and personalise a little black dress or wedding outfit.

6. 9-5 styling

While you will know your own office culture and spoken or unspoken dress code, from a statement jewellery perspective, here are some things to keep in mind to keep it on the good side of ‘expressive’.

Stud earrings are usually safe, small drop earrings are ok but dangly earrings are risky.  Stay away from wide hoop earrings, anything longer than a 1″ drop and any earrings with lots of sparkle.  Collar necklaces appear more formal whereas long and unstructured necklaces are usually more casual.  Necklaces that clatter against a meeting room table are probably more hassle than they are worth.  If you use a keyboard for your job, a bangle can be annoying.  A couple of structured bracelets or bangles, complimenting your outfit can add a touch of style, but not too many.  All in all, it’s tricky – but stay well away from skulls and crossbones!

7. Lavish those lobes

Wearing gorgeous statement earrings naturally draws attention to your neck, jawline, face and hair (and lobes).  When buying statement earrings, be sure that you know how long they are and that you are comfortable with the weight.  You don’t want to be tripping over your earlobes on the dance floor.

With a beautiful pair of earrings, you don’t want to compete for attention with too much going on around the neckline, whether that be other jewellery or pattern on your top.  They are usually best worn with a long simple necklace to add complimentary detail around your waistline, or bangles or bracelets.

8. The courage of the cuff

Accessorising with a statement cuff bracelet can add a touch of class and personality to your outfit.  A sparkly cuff bracelet with your little black dress or an unusual bracelet with your work shirt can make all the difference.  It is best to wear them with simple fitted sleeves or 3/4 length sleeves.  Make sure that you are comfortable wearing it.  A signature silver of gold cuff can be very versatile to compliment your wardrobe – so choose a gorgeous statement cuff with the right outfit and let your wrists enjoy some attention.

9. Hot under the collar

EstelleA white oxford shirt buttoned up all the way, with a statement necklace under the collar, looks stylish and gives your outfit impact and texture.  A lightweight sweater with a bold necklace can give colour and shape.  If your outfit is mainly black and white, a shot of colour from a statement necklace will transform your ‘look’.  Personalising your outfit with an unusual necklace like this will make sure that you don’t have the situation of someone wearing the same outfit as you……nightmare!

10. How to wear it? With a smile!

When wearing statement jewellery, it just doesn’t look right if you sneak into the room, skulk in the corner or slope off early.  When making a statement, you need to look like you mean it.

Feeling comfortable in your outfit will help, but feeling confident in yourself is crucial.  Above all else, looking great means walking with your head held high, shoulders back and a smile that lights up your eyes.



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Looks of Envy was founded by Sandra Cull.  As a busy, mum of one and having spent many years in corporate life, Looks of Envy was inspired after too many shopping trips trying to find complimentary accessories for outfits for work and friends weddings.



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