Simple Way to Resize Photographs

We’ve received a couple of emails recently asking for help on re-sizing photographs. So hopefully this little post will help.

Sometimes websites, like this one :), have maximum limits when asking for photos to be uploaded via contact forms, for example when submitting an item for our showcase or photos for our business directory.

You may also need to re-size photos to add to your own website or blog.

One simple way to do this is by using the program ‘Paint’ (microsoft paint). A common program that is often already on your computer.





Open your photograph in Paint.

To do this right click on the photo you wish to open, select ‘Open with’ and then select ‘Paint’


Open in Paint

Open with Paint


Once your image is opened in the paint program, select ‘Resize’


Re-size in paint

Resize in paint


You can then choose to either resize it by percentage or by size in pixels.

Once you have edited your photo to the desired size, click ‘save as’ to save your image. If you want to use this to replace your original image you can save it with the same name but if you want to save it as a copy and keep your original larger photograph save it under a different file name.

Note. This is best for making photos smaller, doing this to make them larger will make the image blurry.

If you don’t have paint you can use other photo editing or graphics program, they should have a similar resize button.


Hope this helps a little and if you have any other tips please tell us in to comments below or in our Forum.


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