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Article by Rebecca Oladele

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To increase my knowledge and better my family and fitness business, I went on a child obesity  prevention and intervention course. I have now successfully completed and passed this course, so my journey to fight child obesity begins!!!

The UK has the highest obesity rate in Europe with 330 out of 1000 children being overweight. Shocking right? And guess what, parental obesity is the MAJOR predictor of this epidemic.  That’s right parents you may be killing the next generation,the future!!!

FACT: A king size snickers bar that you may give to your child as a “snack” has as many calories as a main meal of steak, potatoes and broccoli.

Our children are consuming excessive amounts of sugar and fat mainly from fast food, processed foods and sugary drinks which WE the adults are feeding them. It is time to take responsibility and save the next generation. Cook fresh, reduce fatty foods and sugary drinks, be conscious of what you are feeding your children.

Portion size is another issue! Everything is bigger, super sized. Reduce portion size and you will be reducing weight gain!

FACT: Not only are children less active during school but also at home. They spend all their time watching television and playing computer games.

Parents!!! It is time to take the lead. Get out and about with your children, lead by example. Eat  healthier together, bake and cook together, go swimming, bike riding, play catch, jump rope…. Educate yourself on portion sizes, food labels, healthier options and in turn educate your children.

Let us get our youth FIT2SPARKLE!!! Build their confidence and self esteem and help them live a long and fulfilled life.

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Until next time stay Fit2Sparkle!!!

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Rebecca Oladele is a busy working woman, wife and mother of two young children. She has personally worked hard to shed the weight gained during both her pregnancies and understands the hardships and what is required to achieve a beautiful body. She has over 15 years of exercise experience and understands that everyone is an individual. With this in mind she designs workouts specifically for YOU. Her aim is to share her knowledge, skill and experience with other women and mums battling weight gain, low energy levels and unhealthy eating as well as tackle the ongoing epidemic of child obesity through short but fun burst of energetic workouts for children. She explains that exercise alone cannot achieve wholeness inside and out, a good diet is also important as well as a positive mindset. With her Client Psychology and Motivation, Weight and Nutrition and Personal Training qualifications along with her own working skills and personal experience she can help you deal with the underlying issues and lead you to a healthier you inside and out.


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