Time Saving Tips For Working Mums

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We all know how hard it is to be a working mum. There never seems to be enough time in the day to do everything that you want to do and you can start to feel quite frantic trying to hit your business deadlines but also wanting to make sure that you are spending quality time with the kids. If only there were 30 hours in a day we might all feel a bit more relaxed. However there’s plenty that you can do to grab a bit of time back for yourself and here some ideas that have saved my time…and my sanity!

Make Meals In Advance

There’s nothing worse than dashing in at the end of the day and finding an empty fridge. Although the odd ready meal can be really useful it’s also a great idea to do some batch cooking at the weekends and freeze meals so that there is always something healthy ready to defrost in the freezer. Spaghetti bolognaise, chilli con carne and casseroles are all great one pot meals to make in ready to freeze batches. Did you know you can even make packed lunches in advance? As long as you make sure both of the inside slices are covered in butter or margarine then sandwiches with fillings such as cheese and ham work really well – and save a last minute panic in the mornings.

Utilise Technology

I’m not usually one for reading the user manuals on my white goods. But, since I did, I have had a revelation about how much time they can save me.  Most washing machines, tumble dryers and ovens have timers on them – this means that you can plan your day to perfection and really make the most of your time. Instead of getting up early to put a load of washing on so that you can  hang it out before rushing off to work you can simply put it in the night before and set the timer so that it’s ready and washed just as you wake up. You can also use your oven timer to come on to cook or heat up a meal so that you are greeted by the scent of freshly cooked food on your return home.

Create A Home Hub

Running a family whilst working or running your own business requires planning on a military scale so you need to create your own operations room. Why not set up an organisational hub for the whole family? It’s really simple to do. All you need is a large magnetic whiteboard and some large clear plastic boxes. On the whiteboard you can write up everyone’s schedule for the week, note down what you need for the weekly shop and stick on any letters from school or playgroup that you need to deal with. Then you need to label the plastic boxes – one for each member of the family. Here is where you store everything they need for the day ahead so there’s no running around trying to find reading records, football kits or pencil cases. You can even put an essentials checklist on each box so that you know what to put in each day.

Magic Up Some Time!

You know what I said earlier about wishing there were 30 hours in a day? Well I can’t quite promise that but I can help you magic up some more time. It’s simple really and it involves spending a couple of days keeping a quite detailed note of what you spend your time doing each day and then deciding what you could cut out or do differently to make a bit more time for yourself. You probably don’t even notice yourself surfing the internet for 15 minutes in the evening or watching something on the TV. Or do you spend a couple of hours each week trekking around the supermarket doing the shopping? Once you know exactly how you are spending your time it’s easier to make a few changes and grab that time back. Spend that 15 minutes reading to the children instead or drop the soap opera and use that time to do your grocery shop online. Hey presto – more time to do the things that you love!


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